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Deviled Eggs for Diabetics: 5 Best Quick and Easy Recipes

Deviled eggs are an excellent option if you're looking for a delicious and healthy dish that won't spike your blood sugar levels.  So, let's dive into the ...

Is Potato Good For Gastritis?

If you're suffering from gastritis, you may wonder which foods are safe to eat and which can aggravate your condition. One food that often comes into question ...

Plasma Pen Gone Wrong – Problems, Causes & Solutions

Plasma pen skin tightening treatment has taken the internet by storm. Thousands of people are using it to improve their skin. People who don't like the skin ...

Ayurvedic Food Recipes for Diabetes – 5 Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

It’s essential for a diabetic patients to continuously monitor their medications and diet to keep their blood sugar level in control. Diabetes affects millions ...

Identifying Anxiety Vs Panic Attacks: What You Need to Know?

Anxiety and Panic attacks both make your heart beat fast, make you breathe shallowly, and make you feel uncomfortable. But the intensity and origin of each one ...

How Much Holy Basil can You Take a Day? – Uses and Health Benefits

Holy basil is a native plant to India. Holy basil has been used in the traditional Indian medicine system for ages. Holy basil has a peppery taste that gives ...

What fast foods can diabetics eat? 08 best choices

No doubt diabetes is a serious condition that must be controlled and regularly monitored, but having it doesn't mean you should give up on all your favorite ...

The black spot between teeth – A stain or a tooth cavity

Even if you brush and floss your teeth daily, it's still possible to have spots on your teeth. While some types of discoloration aren't a primary concern, a ...

Surprising health benefits of cane sugar juice

Sugar cane is a tropical grass cultivated around the world to protect refined sugar, medicinal products, and sugarcane juice. Different types of products are ...

How to improve face glow naturally – Know the Secret

Those days are long gone when glowing skin was only a woman's priority. These days every man and woman, despite their age, wants to have blemish-free, soft, ...

Will ashwagandha help you lose weight?

Ashwagandha is the most famous ancient Ayurveda herb frequently used in India. The ashwagandha extracts are very popular and beneficial for weight loss, ...

Is a tattoo bad for health? Health risks

Getting a tattoo is not something new. It’s a very old we all know as belonging to the Otzi, also known as the Iceman. According to the Journal of ...

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