Editorial Guidelines


Robust Alive’s editorial practices, including guidelines for sourcing, fact-checking, medical review, and quality assurance, are detailed in this editorial standards document. These practices, encapsulated in our protocols and processes, are the key to consistently publishing reliable health content that enables individuals and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions.


At Robust Alive, we’re dedicated to helping you find answers to the burning questions about health, wellness, and medical topics. We understand how vital it is to access the most accurate, dependable information available.

All content published at Robust Alive is written by a team that genuinely cares – comprising healthcare professionals, family members, patients, and journalists. As Robust Alive continues to grow, we are committed to sustaining our editorial vision and adhering to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and principles as per the Association of Health Care Journalists.

Our policy analysts work hard alongside our writers, editors and an interdisciplinary Clinical Review Board to bring you the following:

  • Most thorough and unbiased coverage of health topics.
  • Evidence-based and fact-checked answers to pressing health concerns.
  • Your options to OTCs, nutrition advice, and prescription medicine trends.
  • Practical steps to healthcare saving and cost-saving advice that you can trust.

Our content is based on credible sources, not on information provided by advertisers. These sources include some of the most reputable peer-reviewed medical journals, including Nature, The Lancet, and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). We also regularly consult with physicians and health care professionals who serve on our Clinical Review Board. These experts review individual pages of our website for credibility and accuracy.

Robust Alive Editorial Standards and Clinical Review Board work side by side to ensure that we provide helpful, accurate, and easy-to-understand information to help you make informed health decisions every single day. Our standards reflect our commitment to being fact-checked and supported by medical professionals.


We encourage and welcome feedback about our content; please contact us at admin@robustalive.com or get in touch with us from here.