Will ashwagandha help you lose weight?

Ashwagandha is the most famous ancient Ayurveda herb frequently used in India. The ashwagandha extracts are very popular and beneficial for weight loss, especially for women. These days the market is full of weight loss supplements, but ashwagandha is not one of them. But ashwagandha is not among them.

Though more research is needed, modern science has found some potential benefits of this herb. According to the research, ashwagandha has many benefits in managing emotions and stress, including reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality. Thus with the help of stress management, it also controls weight gain.

The word ashwagandha is a Sanskrit word that has a meaning of the smell of a horse. The herb exudes the smell of a horse but has many potential benefits, like increasing strength, controlling emotion and stress, weight loss, and many others. The name is due to its comparison of energy level with the horse.

Despite being all around, ashwagandha has become famous in the West 50 years ago. Will ashwagandha help you lose weight? Let’s dig into detail to know if ashwagandha will help you lose weight.

Ashwagandha for weight loss

Ashwagandha for weight loss

There are many benefits of this herb. You can use it from its roots to its leaves. This herb not only has health benefits but is also helpful in weight loss.

  • It’s a natural antioxidant that benefits overall health. These antioxidants speed up the metabolism, burn the stored fat, and decrease inflammation around the body.
  • Ashwagandha helps in boosting the immune system. It also benefits in redirecting the energy back to the weight loss process. The herb has anti-inflammation properties those benefits in fighting inflammation. When the body’s immune system is compromised, weight loss comes to a standpoint until the body shows improvement. In such cases, the ashwagandha improves the body’s immune system by promoting weight loss.
  • High cortisol and stress level is the main leading cause of weight gain. As soon as the herb reduces anxiety and stress, the body starts to control the weight at healthy levels.
  • Ashwagandha benefits in regulating the level of thyroid hormones, as hypothyroidism is the leading cause of weight gain.
  • The high level of cortisol can increase insulin release, which will result in using the blood sugar and controlling it in the form of fat. Ashwagandha plays its role in increasing insulin sensitivity, resulting in losing extra weight.

How to use ashwagandha for weight loss?

Will ashwagandha help you lose weight? Ashwagandha has an astringent taste that makes consumption quite tricky. Hence most people prefer to drink it with ghee, milk, or water to make its intake easy. Besides, adding these elements will increase the nutritional value of the mixture.

You can find ashwagandha in capsules, powder, tablets, and liquid forms. But the ashwagandha leaves are also very beneficial for weight loss.

How to use ashwagandha leaves for weight loss?

  • Take some Ashwagandha leaves.
  • Rinse them thoroughly to make them clean for use.
  • Put them separately a try to let them dry in the sun. Make them dry for 3 to 4 days for the desired results.
  • Once the leaves get dry, you can quickly grind them.
  • After grinding those in a fine mixture add ½ a tablespoon of fresh powder ashwagandha leaves into warm milk or powder. Take this mixture two times a day.
  • To improve the taste and increase its benefits you can add honey to the ashwagandha mixture. You can also add cardamom to it as it improves taste and metabolism, ultimately benefiting weight loss.
  • Consider taking moringa leaves, as it’s very beneficial for weight loss.

Ashwagandha powder with water

  • Add 1 tsp of ashwagandha powder to a glass of warm water.
  • Let it stand for 10 minutes.
  • It will make all the beneficial nutrients released into the water.
  • Stir the mixture.
  • Take it 1-2 times daily.

Ashwagandha powder with milk

  • Take a milk glass in a pan and mix it with cinnamon and cardamom
  • Boil it and add 1 tsp of ashwagandha powder, a pic of jaiphal powder, or nutmeg, and let it boil.
  • The cardamom and cinnamon in the milk will benefit digestion, improve taste, and increase metabolism.
  • For weight loss, follow this recipe twice a day after a meal.

What is the best time to take ashwagandha?

Generally, you can take ashwagandha any time of the day. However, you can take it in the morning or evening depending on the results you want.

  • Morning time

Unlike many other medications and supplements, ashwagandha’s benefits are not immediate. It can take days to weeks since you will start noticing the results. A study that includes 60 people taking around 300mg of ashwagandha daily says that it takes them up to 10 weeks to notice the weight loss results and its benefits on their sleep quality.

Deciding when to take ashwagandha should entirely depend on your preferences and routine. If you take the ashwagandha as a supplement for your health, you may take it in the morning with your other supplements.

In some people taking ashwagandha on an empty stomach can result in a stomach ache. Therefore most people recommend taking ashwagandha after having a small snack or breakfast. You can also add ashwagandha to smoothies, drinks, and meals.

  • Night time

To benefit from sleep, take the ashwagandha powder with milk before going to sleep, as it helps you relax. Some people experience stomach discomfort when they take it at night, so taking it in the morning will be a better option.

Considering all the vital things mentioned above, select a time you will be comfortable taking it and can be consistent on that specific time.


Ashwagandha offers many health benefits to both women and men. However, there needs to be detailed research that can prove them all. Many Ayurveda medicines use ashwagandha as a vital element for the treatment of many elements.

Will ashwagandha help you lose weight? Since there is no direct evidence or detailed research about the benefits or side effects, professionals recommend only taking small to medium doses of ashwagandha after consulting your doctor.


  • Will ashwagandha keep me awake?

Ashwagandha root extract is a natural compound that benefits sleep. In insomnia patients, the ashwagandha 300mg dose twice daily improves sleep quality and provides sleep-inducing potential and sleep onset latency.

  • Does ashwagandha burn belly fat?

Ashwagandha improves the digestive system of the body. It benefits the body’s metabolism, helps food digestion, and benefits weight loss. Ashwagandha is rich in antioxidants that benefit from fat burning. These antioxidants not only improve the metabolism but also benefit overall health.

  • Will ashwagandha help you lose weight?

Ashwagandha can affect the stomach if you take it without food. Therefore, most professionals recommend taking it with food or a little snack. But make sure to consult your doctor about the dosage to get effective results.

  • How soon will I see the results of ashwagandha?

Some people can take a few days to weeks to get any results. In a study that included 60 people, it was observed that they were taking 300mg of ashwagandha daily. This herb takes an average of 10 weeks to show the proper results. People observe improvement in their sleep quality and overall health.

  • What happens if I take ashwagandha daily?

Ashwagandha is the best anti-anxiety and stress-relieving herb. It reduces the cortisol level and the research claims its beneficial effect on sleep time and sleep quality. People claim that the ashwagandha powder helped reduce their weight, especially belly fat.

  • Does ashwagandha make you sleepy?

Ashwagandha herb extract is a natural compound that benefits sleep quality. According to insomnia patients taking 300mg of ashwagandha twice a day helps them have a quality sleep due to its sleep-inducing potential.



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