Yoga’s Physical Benefits to the Brain and Body

If you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to keep your physical and mental wellbeing intact, this article would be a worthwhile read!

Regarding the fitness world and as counselling Birmingham suggest, we all are well aware of yoga but seldom consider it part of our fitness routine. On contrary to popular belief, it is not only about physical poses. Still, it has ‘contemplative and self-disciplinary practices,’ thus, making it a wholesome way to keep your mind and body healthy. Here is why you should be doing yoga and taking a step forward to healthy living:

Improved Flexibility:

Worldwide recognized yoga organizations Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance conducted a survey and cited that most people opted for yoga to increase flexibility. Yoga has many steps and poses that make your body more flexible, particularly for adults aging from 65 onwards. The reduced ability to stretch your body can decrease bodily functionalities. If you want a younger body as you age, you should consider making yoga an essential part of your fitness routine.

Relieving Stress and Improving Mental Health:

Prolonged stress has become one of the major issues for many adults over the years. This is the second most popular reason for people to join yoga classes. Asana, meditation, breathing practices, auditory rituals, and chanting can significantly reduce the impact of stress and releases tension. Moreover, doing yoga regularly can help eradicate the symptoms of depression.

Movement and breathing-based yoga exercises can improve your mental health and help you regain your wellbeing by increasing the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a chemical that reduces stress and lightens your mood. You will have more informed and calmer responses to stressful situations. You can see the difference clearly within months after being regular with your yoga routine.,awareness%2C%20thought%2C%20and%20language.


Chronic inflammation is known to be a cause of many severe health concerns, including heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, or prolonged body aches. Studies have shown that inflammation can be treated depending on the intensity, poses, and durations of yoga, and significant reduction can be seen. Yoga eases the pain in swollen and tender joints and restores your body’s flexibility.

Sharper Brain:

Weight lifting makes your muscle stronger and visibly bigger. Yoga is like doing weight lifting for your brain. It helps develop new connections, cells, and brain structures, resulting in enhanced cognition, improved learning ability, and stronger memory.

According to MRI scans and research, people who do yoga regularly have a thicker cerebral cortex and hippocampus than non-practitioners. These areas of the brain are linked to information processing and memory, respectively. They tend to shrink as you age; however, people who do yoga regularly have lesser shrinkage, which means your brain will be a lot younger than your age.,awareness%2C%20thought%2C%20and%20language.

Better Sleep:

Sleep is directly linked to our physical and mental health. Good quality sleep ensures healthier skin and body, whereas lack of it makes us prone to mental health concerns that, if prolonged, can become fatal. Yoga reduces stress levels and relieves physical aches, thus, ensuring better sleep quality. It prevents you from overthinking, helps you stay focused, and fall asleep a lot faster.

In a Nutshell:

If you want to focus on your self-care and improve yourself physically and mentally, consider making yoga a part of your life. It makes your brain and body look much younger than your age and you can enjoy a happier and healthier life. Make sure to hire a yoga expert to keep yourself from doing the poses wrongly or getting hurt.

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Harper Krouse
Harper Krouse

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