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Calories in a White Potato. There are many exciting things about potatoes. They are super versatile, affordable, and satisfying. But some people have concerns that these spuds can affect blood sugar levels, weight, and heart health. Either you prefer the creamy red skin potatoes or the potatoes smothered in butter and cheese. But it’s vital to know about the impact of white potatoes on health while adding them to your diet.

We had many observational studies that state consuming potatoes can increase the risk of some conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. However, these studies only sometimes account for how the potatoes were prepared, like whether the people ate fries or a plain baked skin potato.

Here is a closer look at the calories in a white potato and its impact on health.

White Potato Nutrition facts

White Potato Nutrition facts

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White potato is among the seven common varieties found around the world. The other six includes. White, yellow, blue or purple, russet, petite, red, and fingering.

The nutrition value of a 1 (5-oz) plain white potato with the skin on is:

Calories 130
Carbohydrate 30g
Fat 0g
Vitamin B6 291mcg
Fiber 3g
Protein 3g
Potassium 751mg
Sodium 10mg
Folate 52mcg
Niacin 2.1mg
Manganese 261mcg

The source is the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard References

Just like sweet potatoes, white potatoes make an easy and delicious side dish. They are wonderful in classic comfort foods like potatoes, pancakes, and shepherd’s pie. To get the most out of the potatoes, keep their skin while mashing or making any other dish from them.

Is white potato healthy than sweet potato?

If you discuss the nutritional facts of sweet and white potatoes, they are not that different from each other. Both potatoes have similar protein, Vitamin b6, and potassium amounts. In the FDA’s top 20 raw vegetables, both potatoes are listed in the above numbers. Considering this, it can be a tie as both have so much to offer.

The healthiest way to enjoy a white potato

We rarely eat sweet potatoes on our own. But that’s a flavorful option and healthy as well. Many experts recommend eating carb-rich food like potatoes with fat or protein to prevent sudden blood sugar spikes. Especially if you have diabetes, it also makes you feel complete for extended periods.

Try eating baked potatoes with some sautéed broccoli and a salmon piece. There are many different ways to enjoy potatoes healthily. For instance, cut the potatoes into long strips and bake them in the oven to make the fries. You can chop them to add to a soup.

You can also wrap them in a foil packet to grill. Or toss it into a frittata. You can even mash a sweet potato and put it into the yogurt bowl with nuts and butter. Using the serving size guide, you can top your potatoes with whatever you like.

That means you can op the potatoes with Greek yogurt, baked potatoes, dipping roasted potatoes, ketchup, or sour cream. Sour cream and butter are not that healthy but are okay if you are following the serving size. It’s absolutely fine to add these toppings to your potatoes.

Potatoes and weight control

The main concern about potatoes is their relatively high amount of quickly-digested carbohydrates. Starchy vegetables can increase blood sugar much faster than low-carb vegetables like broccoli and green beans. It doesn’t mean a diabetic patient can’t have a potato, but they should have it less often and in small servings.

Besides, you can also dull its impact by topping them with a healthy fat like olive oil or by adding them to a balanced meal with some grilled chicken breast and lean protein. It’s sensible to avoid the fries.

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Denmark, scientists found mixed results in their research about potatoes and disease risks. The two studies show a relation between high potato intake and increased type 2 diabetes risk, while the other five studies didn’t.

Besides, the results were much clearer regarding the fries. All three studies that track French fries show that they increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Potatoes and Heart Health

Potatoes are good for heart health as they are rich in potassium and minerals. Potatoes have vital minerals that we fall short of in daily life and are related to blood pressure control. Though we have a remarkable ability to absorb the potassium from potatoes, there are no studies those shoes they are linked to decreased hypertension and blood pressure.

The white potatoes, either boiled or baked, are not linked to a high risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. Only if the person is eating once per day, this was the finding of the Swedish observational study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It follows 69,313 men and women for about 13 years with a food questionnaire. The intake of potatoes was measured at the initial stage; however, there was a possibility that the eating habits changed, and it could be ruled out.


If you like potatoes, eat them, as there are healthy calories in a white potato. Don’t force yourself to eat the sweet potato as it has gained the reputation of the healthier than the white one. The nutritional studies clearly show that it’s not the case.

The new potatoes that are a little smaller and have lighter and thinner skin are the famous ones. They have a buttery taste with a natural and smooth flavor, and you can enjoy them without adding any seasoning.

There are 130 calories in a white potato. But this poor vegetable has a bad reputation. It grows under the ground and is rich in fiber, making you feel complete for extended periods. Potatoes are easy to eat and cook and healthy, so don’t avoid them.

FAQ’s about 

How many calories are in a white potato (cooked)?

The medium serving of peeled boiled potatoes (180 g) has around 140 calories. It’s less than the energy in boiled pasta of 286 calories, and boiled rice, which has 248 calories.

How many calories are there in a boiled white potato?

There are 363 calories in 1 large boiled potato.

What’s the healthiest way to eat a potato?

According to Medical experts, the healthiest way to eat potatoes is by leaving the skin on and baking them. Potato peel has a lot of fiber, so eating potatoes with the skin is healthy. Baking potatoes need no extra calories like frying or roasting with oil.

Which potato is low in calories?

Potatoes are low in calories, which makes them ideal for weight loss. Red potatoes don’t have many calories as, well. At the same time, eating potatoes is vital to keep the sugar in control as you already have the potato as an instant carbohydrate source.

Are potatoes more fattening than rice?

The rice and potatoes both are almost fat-free. They have less than a gram of fat in a serving. Rice also has the same amount of calories as a white potato. A cup of white rice has 242 calories, and brown rice has 230 calories. In contrast, there are 130 calories in a white potato.

Do boiling potatoes benefits weight loss?

Yes, boiled potato is fat-free, rich in nutrients, and low in calories. These properties make the white potato an excellent part of the weight loss diet.


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