Why Do My Arms Go Numb While Squatting? Know The Details

Do your arms ever start to feel numb after performing a set of squats? Some people experience it occasionally, while some much more frequently. Why do my arms go numb while squatting? Know

Why do your arms become numb when you squat?

Several factors can cause your arms to get numb while performing squats. The swelling of the hand tissues is the leading cause. Besides, thoracic outlet syndrome may potentially be a factor in some people. Your arm may occasionally numb from performing exercises incorrectly or with low bar squats.

You must be worried. Don’t worry; we have some excellent news for you. In our article, we have shared a detailed outline of all the causes and solutions.

Numbness in your arms

Squatting appears to be a very risk-free exercise. However, this might be an issue if you notice your hands go numb while doing squats. There can be common causes for this. Unlike lower abdomen pain during squatting, most of these are not particularly fatal. And you can quickly stop this.

What makes your arms numb while squatting, then?

Arms tingling when squatting is a phenomenon that most doctors don’t believe in. The two theories that make the most sense, nevertheless, are.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome might occasionally be another cause for your hands to feel numb. Numerous issues will arise if this occurs. It occurs when there are nerves or blood vessels in the region above your collarbone. Additionally, it crushes your first ribs. You can experience shoulder aches, neck pain, and numb fingers. Squatting can worsen numbness if you’ve had any prior injuries.

Hand Tissue swelling

The most common cause probably has something to do with blood flow. It may result in hand tissue swelling, which impacts the nerves. As a result, there is a higher chance of pain being associated with numbness.

The hands and feet have a dense network of small blood vessels or plexus. To vary the amount of blood flowing through the hands, these arteries continually dilate, apparently to help in heat transfer.

Long runs may cause the veins to leak fluid into the nearby tissue. Swelling may result, and nerve injury may cause numbness. By “holding” the fluid leak in the extravascular region, rotating the hands may worsen it.

Limited Time Exercise or Stress

People are angry or stressed over time. So they frequently exercise by making a tight fist and thumping it hard. It can cause the stinging or numbness to worse.

Most of the time, when people do this, their hands become less flexible. They feel more constrained in their exercise regimens as a result. As a result, you might also find it challenging to extend your left arm. Even though this is the less serious of the two problems, it also needs to be examined.

It can potentially harm your arms permanently if you do this repeatedly. People that act in this way develop a habit of doing so. They frequently do this while performing other exercises, not just squatting.

You may usually get rid of it by just shaking it off. You must visit a doctor if you do this frequently and if it results in irreversible damage. What we talk about is making you agitated. Don’t worry; it’s not anything too serious, which is good news for you. You can avoid this by just abiding by a few simple principles. Move on to the part after this.

Best techniques to stop numbness in the arms while squatting

It’s not a big deal if your arms occasionally become numb. Therefore, try not to panic. Just adhere to the instructions below if you’d prefer to prevent it from happening.


When beginning your exercises, warming up is crucial. You might need to be especially cautious when doing this for squats.

Ask your trainer to show you the necessary warm-ups to perform before performing squats. You may look for some simple warm-up exercises online if you want to work out at home.

We can also offer you some advice. Walk your arms into a downward-facing pose to start. Then spin your body while pushing your heel back towards the ground, one leg at a time.

Elevate your bent elbow from the side that is extended. Now shift your entire body to the other side. Make sure your leg is upon the weighted arm. Return to the downward position once more, and then repeat on the opposite side.

Massage Your Arms

Massage can remove the numbness if your arms rarely go numb when squatting. In this situation, massage is not appropriate. Apply massage oil to the numb area and rub for 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll notice that the numbness or any pain you are experiencing is gradually fading.

Additionally, you’ll experience relaxation. Your muscles and nerves will relax as a result. A little massage might reduce your pain even as you perform other exercises.

These exercises should assist if you get arm numbness when performing squats. There are a few exercises for arm numbness, though, if you get this generally. You can give them a shot.

Talk to a Physician 

It’s time to contact a doctor if the other two pieces of advice don’t work for you. In my opinion, going to a chiropractor or physical therapist is preferable. It refers to people proficient in soft tissue therapy and nerve flossing.

A bonus is having a professional because they have the necessary information to communicate and comprehend. You can experiment with various substances to strengthen your immune system. You could benefit from it in the future.

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You now know what to do if squatting causes your arms to get numb. Major medical issues can occasionally cause these symptoms. Fortunately, most cases of numbness and tingling in your arms and hands after exercise may be avoided and treated with modifications to your activity and timely medical attention.

We tried to provide you with all the potential causes and solutions for this. But if you have this too frequently, we strongly advise that you see a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Why Do My Arms Go Numb While Squatting?

While squatting, why do my arms go numb?

Numbness and tingling might occur due to a tiny alteration in the blood flow to those nerves; this sensation is known as “paresthesia.”

Why do my arms hurt when squatting?

An inaccurate wrist position during a squat is another frequent cause of pain inside your elbow. Try to keep your wrist in a neutral place during the squat so that the weight of the barbell is evenly distributed across your upper back.

Why do my arms hurt when squatting?

People who spend much time squatting, such as laborers and farmers, should be urged to get up as soon as the compression symptoms (numbness, tingling) start.

Can squatting harm your nerves?

The peroneal nerves, a group of nerves located close to the knee joint, have been reported to become compressed as a set of prolonged squatting. It has also been demonstrated that squatting lowers the blood flow to the calf muscles.

Why does bench pressing make my arms numb?

When nerves that enervate your extremities, such as your legs and arms, become crushed due to an accident, muscular hypertrophy (muscle development), or inflammation, this condition is known as peripheral nerve entrapment. The region around joints like the wrist, elbow, or shoulder will be the most vulnerable.






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