Pubic Liposuction – Preparation, Recovery, Cost

Many women are eager to get rid of the fat deposits and sagging skin, especially the mons pubis and outer labia lips, due to the increased prevalence of female obesity and weight loss. A common method for treating mons pubis is liposuction.

It is renowned for perfecting and producing a leaner appearance. What should you anticipate the cost for a pubic liposuction procedure? You may learn everything you need about mons pubis liposuction, including its benefits and disadvantages, right here.

What is Mons Pubis Liposuction?

The top of your groin is known as the mons pubis. Some patients may find this “puffy,” giving them more fullness than they would like. The fullness can also be problematic when wearing tight clothing, such as yoga pants or jeans with a tighter fit in this area.

It is slightly more evident with a wider variety of apparel than other sections of your body that are not filled out by fat deposits and tissue. Mons pubis liposuction is a quick operation that efficiently reduces puffiness in this area. For about two weeks following surgery, swelling may make it appear even more swollen, but the general appearance, shape, and contour are significantly improved.

Skin with strong elasticity can react dramatically to liposuction of the mons pubis. However, the deflation impact of liposuction seems to make the skin from this area that is already loose much looser after fat is removed. A mentoplasty is frequently chosen by patients in addition to liposuction. This treatment removes the extra skin and fatty tissue from the area.

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Why Mons Pubis?

Why Mons Pubis

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The pubic region can become fatty, whether from a hereditary condition or significant weight gain, making some women self-conscious and uneasy when wearing fitting apparel. Mons pubis liposuction is a relatively simple treatment that can result in some spectacular outcomes if you:

  • Experience fullness in the pubic area
  • Your abdomen protrudes less than your pubic area.
  • Your entire pubic region makes wearing tight clothing uncomfortable for you.


Mons pubis liposuction is a sensible option for patients who want to reduce the size of their bulge. An initial consultation precedes the operation. Depending on your body type and desired outcomes, a professional will determine whether you require this surgery. Patients are given a careful assessment.

You will be required to give a thorough medical history and ensure that your suggestions are practical and doable. You are welcome to bring a buddy or a partner along for assistance. Depending on what you want, the specialist may advise liposuction, a mons pubis lift, or a combination of procedures. You may also inquire about the cost of liposuction there.


General anesthetic or intravenous sedation with local anesthetic are both used when doing liposuction. Your doctor will suggest the best option. Liposuction alone can solve the issue if an excess of fatty tissue increases the enlargement.

The doctor will suction the fatty tissue after numbing the area. A little cannula will be inserted into the incision, and the fat will be suctioned out. To reduce the edema, the specialist may utilize drains.

What Is the Cost of Pubic Liposuction?

Speak with a professional to determine the precise pubic liposuction cost. It will depend on how much tissue needs to be rejoined and how much laxity there is. The cost of pubic liposuction in the UK typically ranges from $3200 to $5400. But because each patient is different, it’s challenging to establish a standard cost.

Look at the list below to get a general cost of how much pubic liposuction often costs. We gathered the costs of some of the most well-liked locations so you can relax. For instance:

  • Mons pubis liposuction costs are about $1,000 in the Philippines.
  • Cost of mons pubis liposuction America – approximately $3,000.
  • The cost of mons pubis liposuction in Australia is about $4,800.
  • Prices for mons pubis liposuction in the UK range from $3,200 to $5,400.

Additionally, if you choose to combine liposuction with another procedure, you should expect to pay more money. Similar to using a pubis lift, Both operations are intended to tone and renew the aesthetic appearance of this delicate area. However, they will cost a lot of money.

Ask a buddy who recently underwent liposuction how much their liposuction cost. Although it won’t always tell you how much you’ll pay, it can provide you with some sense of comfort.

Mons pubis liposuction benefits

Genital rejuvenation surgery is becoming more and more popular. More and more women are interested in enhancing the appearance of their labia, whether it be by having their mons pubis reduced by liposuction or having their vaginas tightened. In light of this, we gathered a few benefits of the liposuction procedure. These consist of:

  • Increased confidence — Saggy skin might make you feel insecure. After receiving treatment, patients typically feel better when unclothed. That is because the sagging skin has been addressed.
  • More comfortable clothing — Tight clothing is uncomfortable because of the enlargement of the pubis tissue. To soothe their uneasiness, many choose loose-fitting clothing. Tight clothing is more comfortable after liposuction and doesn’t cause much friction.
  • A more defined pubic area – The pubic region gradually loses definition due to the projecting skin. The tightening caused by the treatment improves the area’s look.

What Should You Expect After the Procedure?

Follow your doctor’s advice and allow your body to recuperate correctly. Take over-the-counter medications, for instance, precisely as directed. They can aid with pain management. To hasten the regeneration process and reduce edema, replace the tensors with compression clothing. The day after your surgery, you are welcome to take a shower.

But when bathing the wound with water and soap, be gentle. After the surgery, avoid soaking the wound for two weeks. Another thing to remember is the follow-ups: contact your doctor for advice or to have the sutures removed 10 to 14 days after treatment.

Recovery from Mons Pubis Lipo

The body bounces back very quickly. The mons pubis lipo healing period should last between two and four weeks. Other than that, it’s typical to experience minor swelling or bruises for a few days following the treatment. It’s advised to refrain from walking or engaging in strenuous activity. In 3 to 5 days, you’ll be ready to return to work, but until then, use caution.

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The success rate of liposuction, vaginal tightening, fat transplantation, etc., is generally good. A 2013 research of 124 female patients found that 95,2 percent were satisfied with the outcomes.

At the same time, 3.2% said they were pleased with how they looked after surgery. 32.3 percent of patients were pleased with their ability to function after surgery, and 67.7 percent were pleased with the outcome. Only 1.6% of people expressed dissatisfaction with the beautifying process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pubic Liposuction

Can FUPA be removed with liposuction?

Knowing that a liposuction surgery safely and completely removes the look of FUPA might bring patients some relief. During the surgery, two tiny incisions are made on either side of the groin area. The excess fat around the pubis is then removed using a small cannula.

How do I get rid of mons pubis fat?

Although proper nutrition, regular exercise, and other weight loss strategies may also help lower the amount of fat in your mons pubis, mentoplasty is the only surgical treatment available to remove excess fat or saggy skin in your pubic area. One of the final areas of your body to remove extra fat is typically your mons pubis area.

Does it hurt?

The surgery won’t cause much discomfort because it’s done under an anesthetic. But after liposuction, you’ll probably experience mild to moderate bruising. Some pain accompanies it, but it is bearable. As a result, you can resume your normal activities relatively quickly.

Will Insurance cover the Cost of the Mons Pubis Reduction?

No. However, if it has a therapeutic benefit, it might be; for more information, speak with your insurance company.


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