Plasma Pen Treatment

Plasma pen treatment has become the talk of the town these days among the beauty conscious people. It is widely known for its skin tightening effects, but very few people know it can remove moles and even out your skin tone. It tightens loose skin and lifts your face, brows, and neck to gift you a brand new, ageless look. Plasma pen also works wonderfully with jaw implants and reduces skin laxity.

Dear readers, here you will get to know how this revolutionary skin treatment works and who is considered eligible to perform this procedure. Keep reading, as this article will make it easier for you to understand the effectiveness and side effects of this beauty enhancement procedure.

What Is Plasma Pen Treatment? Hop in to Know How This Most Hyped Pen Works

Plasma pen is the most cutting-edge, non-invasive, skin-lifting, skin-tightening, and rejuvenation technology in the world. Plasma Pen reduces wrinkles and transforms sagging, dull skin. FDA also gave this amazing technology a thumbs up by approving it. 

Well, a plasma pen doesn’t have ink like an ordinary pen. As the name suggests, it has something known as  “plasma.” Plasma resembles a super hot gas that can do cool things to your skin. The pen delicately contacts your skin, and it makes little zaps that could sound a bit daunting, I know. However, relax; they don’t hurt as much as you must be thinking right now.

These plasma zaps do a few interesting tasks:


The zaps cause your skin to straighten out a little. If you are worried about your wrinkles or loose skin, then a plasma pen is a good solution to these problems. Plasma pen’s effect will make them less noticeable.


The plasma helps your skin to make more collagen and elastin. These two help your skin maintain its young look and keep the freshness of your skin intact by rejuvenating your skin.


Are you tired of uneven skin tone and dark patches? Plasma pen works wonders for evening out skin tone and removing stubborn acne spots. It delicately peels off the top layer of your skin. This process helps the old skin peel away and create room for new, smoother skin.

How Plasma Pen Works

  • A low-voltage flow that creates a little electrical charge is emitted by the Plasma Pen. The charge activates the thin plasma layer that covers the top of the skin. 
  • The energy from the Plasma Pen causes the skin tissue to experience a little electrical shock, which stimulates fibroblast migration
  • This step produces collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.
  • The Plasma Pen’s tip does not directly touch the skin. Instead, it floats on top of the skin. The plasma charge created by the air’s voltage animates the skin’s fibroblasts.

The best thing about this treatment is that it is generally not really painful. You will feel pain similar to a warm sensation or little pinpricks. After the treatment, your skin will be red initially. It can also look swollen for a brief time frame. However, that typically disappears in a couple of days.

Who Can Perform Plasma Pen Treatment?

Plasma pen treatment requires extraordinary expertise, and simply anybody can’t perform this procedure. For safety, you need the right person who is highly skilled to ensure your skin gets the best outcome. 

Individuals who can provide the plasma pen treatment are normally authorized experts. These are generally dermatologists, estheticians, or certified technicians. These people get full training to make sure the procedure is done safely and accurately for the best possible results.

The usual places for plasma pen treatments are specialized clinics or spas. To ensure that your treatment goes smoothly, these clinics offer the necessary tools and qualified staff.

Experience is important for this treatment. Finding a plasma pen practitioner with experience and a solid track record is really advantageous. They most likely know every trick and can enhance the beauty of your skin.

It’s a good idea to speak with the person using the plasma pen before you receive the treatment. They will question you about your skin goals. By knowing this, they can create a strategy that is ideal for you.

Plasma pen procedure involves your skin. If the plasma pen is used by somebody who isn’t skilled, it can burn your skin. I’m sure you would definitely like to avoid that. 

Be sure you’re receiving plasma pen therapy from a licensed professional. They’ll keep your skin secure and you happy while enabling your skin to seem its greatest. Don’t forget to pamper your skin like a queen! 

How Long Does Plasma Pen Treatment Last?

A plasma pen treatment will work for your skin like a little act of magic, but it won’t last forever. The effects typically remain for a significant while, mostly up to 3 years or even more. The good news is. Plasma pen therapy can help your skin remain beautiful for a specific period, even if it won’t last forever.

But to keep it looking great, you will require touch-up appointments. Your skin changes as you age. These touch up meetings will help you keep your skin looking fresh. Consider it as a long-lasting hairstyle that may occasionally require some tweaking.

Is Plasma Pen Treatment Painful, And How Long It Takes to Heal?

I’m sure after knowing all the above-mentioned information, you are thinking, can I take the pain of the plasma pen? Many people who have gone through the process say that plasma pen treatment isn’t really that scary. It’s more similar to a peculiar sensation. At the point when the plasma pen contacts your skin, you could feel small pinpricks or a warm inclination. However, here’s the uplifting news: it’s mostly tolerable because the process is fast.

Let’s now discuss healing. It’s normal for your skin to seem a little red or puffy after getting a plasma pen makeover as if it had a little party. Typically, this phase lasts a few days. Your skin begins to recover and settle down after a while.

The general time frame of plasma pen healing is as follows:

Day 1-3:

Your skin will be puffy during this time as if  your skin is saying, “Hello, I just had a treatment!” This phase after plasma pen treatment is also funnily called  “social downtime” because you wouldn’t have any desire to be making the rounds during this time.

Day 3-7:

Things begin to get better after the third day. The redness and swelling will start to disappear. You will see small scabs where the plasma pen treatment was done on your skin. This indicates the healing process has begun so that you can relax.

Day 7-14:

Before the second week begins after the treatment, your skin will be more radiant. Those scabs will tend to fall off to uncover fresher skin. Your skin will look like little pinkish because the healing process is still going on.

Usually, it takes a few weeks before the final effects of the plasma pen therapy become fully obvious. For a few months, your skin will continue to become better as it produces more collagen and elastin, which maintains its appearance young and healthy.

Is Plasma Pen Fibroblast Treatment Good for Stretch Mark?

Yes, plasma pen fibroblast is good for stretch marks. Stretch marks can be fought off with the use of plasma pen therapy. It functions by inducing your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, which are like the superheroes of your skin. Stretch marks can be treated using the plasma pen to make them less apparent and blend in with the surrounding skin. This procedure tightens and shrinks every individual stretch mark by making little plasma shocks between the pen and your skin.

Is Plasma Pen Treatment for Eyelid Good?

The use of a plasma pen can tighten sagging skin and minimize sagging around the eyelids. Your eyes may seem more rested and refreshed after this. Your eyelids are really fragile, and the skin around it is extremely sensitive. Thus, while you’re pondering using the plasma pen, ensure you go to somebody who truly understands what they’re doing because they should deal with your eyelids with care.

Potential Side Effects of Plasma Pen Treatment

  • Redness and puffiness of skin
  • Crusts or scabs at the place of plasma pen treatment
  • Itching during the healing process is common.
  • Pigmentation of skin. Your skin can get darker or lighter than your natural skin tone at the place of treatment.
  • Very rarely, infection can happen. Aftercare and good hygiene are important to avoid infection.
  • Scarring is a dangerous side effect of plasma pens, so go to someone who has a good record in applying this treatment.

Before And After of Plasma Pen Treatment

To help you decide here, I’m sharing a few before and after pictures and a brief description of their treatment:

Removing Acne Scar:

You can see the visible results of removing the acne scar on this lady’s face. This treatment worked on both epidermal and dermal levels and made the skin smoother than before.

Photo Collected From: Plasma Pen UK

Skin Tightening:

Before the treatment, this particular patient’s hand was covered in loose skin. But after plasma skin treatment, the skin condition became better. It looks younger and tighter than before.

Plasma Pen Treatment Gone Wrong

Despite having so many good boxes ticked by this beauty treatment, plasma pens have ruined a few people’s skin’s appearance too. Though the cases are rare, you need to be careful as there are many tales of “Plasma Treatment Gone Wrong” available on the internet. Here is one such story:

Suzi went to take this treatment to tighten her skin, but she ended up having white dots to replace her loose skin. She waited for 12 months to get her condition better, as she was told it takes time to heal. Unfortunately, her scars post plasma treatment didn’t go away.


What Is The Cost of Plasma Pen Treatment?

The typical fibroblast skin fixing cost in the US is between $350 to $750 for the face. Treatment for other body parts will be higher. They range from 500- to 1000 USD. Depending on the clinic you choose, the prices will vary.

Is Plasma Pen Treatment Good for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Sebaceous hyperplasia causes small skin blemishes, lines, or wrinkles on the skin. This can be managed using plasma pen therapy. It targets and lessens these skin issues. However, because treating sebaceous hyperplasia can be challenging, it is imperative to speak with a qualified expert. 

Is Plasma Pen Treatment for Age Spots A Good Option?

Yes, when it comes to age spots, the Plasma Pen is very effective. It gently removes those age spots to expose clear, beautiful skin below. The exciting part is that the plasma pen generally only requires one treatment to remove age spots from any part of your body or face. So, with only one treatment, put an end to those bothersome age spots.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, plasma pen treatment can be a powerful choice for improving your skin’s appearance. However, you need to do thorough research to figure out whether it’s suitable for you or not.  Talk with a plasma pen expert, and try to get clarity on the possible advantages against the dangers. Don’t forget to analyze the costs prior to deciding if it’s the ideal decision for you. Your skin type, goals, and expectations should all be considered in making this decision.

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