How Optavia Ruined My Life: A Reality Check About The Hyped Weight Loss Program

Optavia has created quite a buzz in recent times. In today’s world, staying in shape is the first priority among health enthusiasts. If you enjoy clear rules and portion management, then you will find Optavia’s meal plan to be organized and unambiguous.

However, this article on how Optavia ruined my life tells a different tale. Optavia users have gone through dramatic life-altering changes which were not always on the brighter side.

Some Optavia users shared that they lost their appetite and struggled to eat normally again. It ruined their peace of mind and greatly affected their close relationships. While staying on Optavia’s rigid diet plan, they felt isolated as they couldn’t dine out with their loved ones. Above all, some felt their body wasn’t getting enough nutrition and was always feeling dizzy and fatigued.

I think it’s always better to know the details of any health-related program before joining the bandwagon. Your experience can be entirely different from your friend or colleague who achieved an hourglass figure by using the Optavia program. So, let’s start this journey through this article about knowing the pros and cons of Optavia.

Optavia Ruined My Life

Optavia is a weight reduction and well-being program that includes an organized meal plan, training, and the use of pre-bundled meals called “fuelings.” 

There’s a debate regarding the effectiveness of Optavia. Many Optavia users considered it a useful tool in their weight loss journey. On the contrary, there are severe allegations like “Optavia Ruined My Life, also brought on by its other group of users.

According to the Optavia program, they offer speedy and simple weight reduction results. However, it caught negative attention due to their client’s claims that they encountered serious medical problems such as fatigue, nausea, and anxiety due to severe weakness while using the program.

What Is Optavia Fueling?

What Is Optavia Fueling

The Optavia weight reduction regimen includes Optavia fuelings as the key element. These are specifically formulated meal replacement items people can include in their regular meal plans. These fuelings are meant to facilitate weight reduction,  calorie control, and streamline meal preparation.

All fuelings are prepared and pre-packaged. They also sell prepared Lean & Green meals to save you from the hustle of cooking at home. Sounds good, right? But here’s the catch: if we add these two things up, it becomes clear that Optavia is allowing its consumers to rely entirely on its goods for every meal. So, basically, it’s a cleverly built system to keep them handing over cash. And it can start at around $380 dollars and cost you hundreds of dollars a month.

So here’s how Optavia can be detrimental to your overall well-being:

  • Optavia fuelings are pricey. You will have to purchase these meal substitutes routinely, and the expense can mount up rapidly. For some people, this may represent a major financial hardship.
  • The Optavia program is quite regimented and only allows members to consume Optavia goods. The diet may become monotonous and unappealing due to the lack of diversity in the foods, making it difficult to follow in the long run.
  • An extreme eating plan like Optavia can make you feel alone. Due to the restricted food options and amount limits, it could be difficult to participate in social activities, go out to eat with friends, or eat with family.
  • Many food critics raised the question that Optavia fuelings don’t offer a balanced and varied spectrum of nutrients. The scary part is relying fully on meal replacements leads to nutritional imbalances or deficiencies.
  • Optavia claims these fuelings are portion-controlled to aid with calorie management and are safe to use. However, some people find it challenging to return to their previous eating patterns after finishing the program. 
  • The Optavia program’s rigid structure may not make it suitable for everyone. Some users find it difficult and annoying to follow such a strict diet routine.

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How Optavia Ruined My Life?

“I was pressurized to sell Optavia products to friends and family,” this is the statement of an Optavia user. I know that sounds bizarre and like a cheap promotional strategy. This user lost a good amount of weight but regained it after a little while. Optavia’s low-calorie diet made him feel low in energy all the time, which highly affected his daily life. In the end, he decided to quit it for good.

“Optavia ruined my marriage,” a grieving husband shared his story on a social platform that due to Optavia’s strict diet plan, her wife lost interest in maintaining her family life or even joining kids for dinners. It destroyed their family bond, and he holds Optavia responsible for it.

“I want my friend to get off Optavia Program”, a friend showed her concern to protect her friend when she realized Optavia coaches were encouraging her to lose more weight to make her a coach in the future. She felt like her friend was trapped in some kind of unhealthy MLM weight loss program.

“I lost 80 pounds but regained 45 pounds when I went back to a normal diet,” says a lady Optavia user. She became depressed as she regained weight drastically. She also complained about their scheme of telling everyone to become a coach.

Does Optavia Ruin Your Metabolism?

Just like other weight loss programs, Optavia holds the possibility of impacting your metabolism, Whether it “ruins,” it relies heavily on how you use the program and your overall lifestyle while using it. 

Our body transforms the food we eat into energy through digestion. At the point when you eat less or change your eating routine, your digestion can dial back a piece as your body starts to change.

When you shed pounds rapidly on a program like Optavia, it can influence your digestion briefly. This is on the grounds that your body could think it’s not getting sufficient food, so it conserves energy. That is the reason why many Optavia users stress over their metabolism getting slower than usual.

If you can’t continue following an extremely low-calorie diet like Optavia, eventually, you will regain weight. Once you return to eating the usual food, your metabolism will become normal again.

Do You Gain Weight Back after Optavia?

Yes, there’s a chance that you will regain weight after quitting taking Optavia. Optavia helps you shed pounds rapidly on the grounds that it’s a low-calorie program. When you shed pounds exceptionally quickly, you mostly lose water weight, and muscle, not simply fat.

Your body is going to react soon after you stop taking Optavia and resume eating normally. In an effort to safeguard itself from future low-calorie time frames, it will store additional calories as fat.

I will urge my readers to set out a healthy diet plan and include exercise to avoid gaining weight in post Optavia phase.

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What Happens When You Stop Taking Optavia

When you stop taking Optavia, you may experience these symptoms:

  • You will regain a portion of the weight that you lost during the Optavia program.
  • Your digestion may slow down a little due to Optavia’s reduced calorie intake.
  • On the brighter side, you will be out of a restrictive diet regime and enjoy indulging in a variety of food.

Does Optavia Cause Cancer?

Does Optavia Cause Cancer

We can’t simply put the blame for causing cancer on Optavia because there is no scientific proof. If we analyze the Optavia fuelings, then there isn’t any such ingredient that plays a role in causing cancer.

Most of the Optavia fuelings are made of soy protein. Though soy was once considered responsible for causing breast cancer, there wasn’t enough research-based evidence to establish these claims. Soy proteins are considered pretty safe if taken in moderation and don’t have any connection to causing cancer.

However, if anyone gets diagnosed with cancer while staying on Optavia, then it’s better to stop the program and talk to a doctor in detail about it.

Side Effects of Optavia

Some of the negative side effects of very low-calorie diets include gallstones, hormonal abnormalities, weariness, slowed metabolism, and depression. The majority of Optavia diets have 800-1300 calories, which might be less than half of a person’s daily caloric needs.

Optavia has some side effects that you need to know before starting this program:

Common Side Effects

  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive Problems
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

Less Common Side Effects

  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Muscle loss
  • Changes in the metabolism
  • Irritability
  • Losing appetite

Is Optavia Safe for Diabetics?

Is Optavia Safe for Diabetics

People with diabetes can use Optavia, but it’s important to use it carefully and under a doctor’s supervision. The Optavia meal substitutes were created to limit carbs, which can aid with blood sugar control. People with diabetes can benefit from this.

If you are a diabetic patient, then talk to a certified dietician or doctor before starting the Optavia program to stay on the safe side. If you’re on diabetes medications, changes in your diet and weight can affect your medication needs. 

Periodically check your blood sugar levels while taking Optavia to make sure they remain within the desired range.

Remember that each person has different kinds of reactions to diabetes. What functions properly for one individual might not function well for another. Your healthcare practitioner can assist in creating a strategy that is specific to your needs.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Optavia

After discussing all the important questions regarding taking Optavia, I am providing a chart for my readers about Optavia’s pros and cons. You can just have a glance at this chart to decide whether it’s suitable for you or not:

Pros Cons
Provides structured meal plan Products are costly
Fuelings help with portion control Limited food choices become boring after a while
Easy to make meals helpful for a busy lifestyle Makes it harder to eat outside
Causes initial weight loss Hard to maintain in the long run
Coaches ensure participation The nutritional balance of feelings is not satisfactory
Aids calorie deficit weight loss Rapid weight loss affects metabolism temporarily
Fuelings have a range of flavors Few products contain artificial additives

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There Any Age Limit for Taking Optavia?

Yes, people under the age of 13 are not eligible to use this program. Optavia has created unique plans to help teenagers aged from 13-17.

Can I take Optavia for The Long Term?

Consider utilizing Optavia as a short-term tool to jumpstart your weight reduction journey. Try to establish healthy eating habits rather than relying primarily on it in the long run. Once your early objectives have been met, switch to a more reasonable and long-term strategy to keep making progress in your weight loss journey.

Who Should Not Take Optavia?

Cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, thyroid, liver, renal, or eating disorders, patients should wait to enroll in this program until their doctor clears them to do so.

Take Away

“Optavia ruined my life” the statement is screaming, “Be careful my friend”. So weigh all the pros and cons and decide if it’s the right program for you or not. It can drain your energy and money at the same time. You have plenty of other weight loss options, which will take a slightly longer time, but the results will be long-lasting. So, I suggest our readers go for tried and tested natural methods like dieting and exercising. For a proper diet plan, a certified dietitian can assist you, and for exercise, you will need to visit a gym or yoga center. Don’t let any rigid unrealistic diet program turn your happy weight-loss journey into a sad one.

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