Is Briogeo Cruelty Free?

Consumer demand for cruelty free goods has greatly increased over time. Nowadays, many people are more aware of the items they use and how their decisions affect the environment and animals. 

But is Briogeo cruelty free?

Yes, Briogeo is cruelty free. Briogeo made the deliberate choice to market itself as a cruelty-free company. They did it to draw in and keep customers who are socially concerned. This brand doesn’t test its ingredients or finished products on animals. They complete the entire process without involving any kind of animal testing or abuse.

Here I will focus on the aspects that will help us investigate further regarding Briogeo’s cruelty free approach and its vegan product’s truth. So, embark on a journey with me to learn more about this cosmetic brand.

Is Briogeo Cruelty Free?

Yes, Briogeo is cruelty free. Briogeo’s dedication to being cruelty-free represents a deliberate attempt to promote moral and compassionate standards in the cosmetics and personal care sector. You can figure out their dedication at every step of the product development process. They implement it in formulation to testing. And it shows their commitment to making practical goods.

The ethical position Briogeo has taken against animal experimentation is one of the main factors contributing to its cruelty-free status. The company is aware of the concerns of customers who care about the wellbeing of animals and works to share those ideals. Briogeo shows commitment to treating animals with respect and compassion by refusing to test their goods on animals.

The growing acceptance of alternative testing techniques that don’t use animals is another element supporting Briogeo’s cruelty-free accreditation. There are currently a number of sophisticated in vitro and computer-based techniques that may reliably anticipate the safety and efficacy of items. This process doesn’t require putting animals to testing.


What Is Cruelty Free Law?

The fact that cruelty-free regulations acknowledge animals as sentient creatures capable of feeling pain, fear, and suffering is one of their most impressive features. These principles signify a general awareness that how we treat animals should reflect our growing understanding of their capability for feeling emotions and sensations. This ethical change forces a reevaluation of our approaches and a focus on finding substitutes that don’t cause needless suffering to animals.

Since they place a strong emphasis on treating animals with kindness and respect, regulations that prohibit animal cruelty constitute a big step toward a society that is more compassionate and moral. These regulations aim to lessen or end animal suffering across a range of businesses, notably in those cosmetics, personal care, and medical research.

Additionally, anti-cruelty laws frequently help consumers become more empowered. These regulations give customers the ability to make educated decisions that are consistent with their beliefs by requiring clear labeling and disclosure standards. The desire for greater ethical business practices increases when customers who care strongly about animal welfare can safely support companies and goods that share their ethical concerns.

Laws that prohibit cruelty also promote international cooperation and increase knowledge of moral principles that transcend national boundaries. It emphasizes the universal nature of animal welfare issues that these regulations are being implemented and strengthened in numerous nations. This common commitment promotes collaboration in research, information exchange, and the search for more widely accepted testing procedures.

On a worldwide level, there are a number of organizations and projects that aim to advance norms and practices that are devoid of cruelty. Several of the well-known organizations are:

  • Leaping Bunny
  • Cruelty Free International 
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • European Union Regulations
  • Individual Country Regulations
  • The Humane Society International


Analyzing Briogeo’s Claim to Be Cruelty Free

We need to understand the clear criteria of cruelty free brands to analyze whether Briogeo’s claims of producing cruelty free products are true or false

Let’s have a look at the key points a brand must ensure to be cruelty free:

  • Being cruelty free means that no animal experimentation of any kind was done during the creation or manufacture of the good or brand.
  • Animal testing isn’t conducted on the product’s components or the finished item itself.
  • To ensure the safety of products, cruelty free companies turn to alternatives to animal testing, including in vitro testing and computer modeling. They also opt for human cell cultures.
  • Some companies receive accreditation from reputable groups like Leaping Bunny or PETA that demonstrate commitment to the ideals of cruelty free business practices.
  • Not outsourcing testing to companies that could conduct animal testing on their behalf satisfies the requirement to be cruelty free
  • Cruelty-free companies are open about their procedures. They make it obvious on their packaging or websites that they are committed to the welfare of animals.

Briogeo matches all the requirements needed to be cruelty free. They declared their movement by gaining their cruelty free certificate from Cruelty Free International.


Inspecting Briogeo’s Vegan Policies

Numerous products in Briogeo’s product line have the designation “vegan,” indicating that they are free of ingredients produced by animals. However,  not all of their products fit under this category. That means they are not fully vegan.

Briogeo emphasizes transparency by clearly identifying vegan and non-vegan items and posting thorough ingredient lists on its official website. If you rigorously follow a vegan lifestyle, then carefully review the component compositions of each specific product.

These are their most popular vegan products:

  • B. Well Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Clean Natural Deodorant
  • Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe and Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Conditioner
  • Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe and Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Detangling Spray
  • Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado and Quinoa Co-Wash
  • B. Well Organic and Cold-Pressed 100% Castor Oil
  • Avocado and Kiwi Mega Moisture 3-in-1 Leave-In Spray
  • B. Well 100mg CBD and Arnica Flower Soothing Skin and Scalp Oil
  • B. Well Organic and Australian 100% Tea Tree Oil


Is Briogeo Environmentally Friendly?

Briogeo encourages the use of “clean” formulations, which mainly refer to the absence of some hazardous components from their products. These hazardous chemicals including as sulfates, parabens, silicones, and synthetic colors. This initiative of clean formulations works to reduce detrimental effects on both consumers and the environment. That’s why they are considered ecologically friendly.

The environmental effect of a brand is significantly influenced by its packaging. They stated The Forest Stewardship Council certifies 99% of their secondary packaging and boxes, assuring that they come from sustainably managed forests. They also limited plastic trays from their haircare kits and made sure that every kit’s packaging was completely recyclable.

Sustainable ingredients are something that Briogeo uses in its products. They have emphasized the utilization of organic components and plant extracts. These ingredients have the potential to be more ecologically friendly than synthetic substitutes. 


How Safe Is It to Use Briogeo’s Products?

Products from Briogeo are usually safe to use. As I mentioned earlier, they put an emphasis on natural and clean compositions making their products safe. Individual sensitivities might differ, so it’s best to conduct patch tests before using any new items and to stop using them if any discomfort develops.

You can analyze the general usefulness and safety of Briogeo’s products by going through customer reviews. For the safest use, always read product labels and follow manufacturer instructions.

 How Animals Have Been Exploited by Cosmetics Industry

Animals have historically been used for testing and ingredient sourcing in the cosmetics business. Animals are put through pain and even death during animal testing, which entails exposing them to compounds that might be hazardous to people in order to determine their effects. 

In addition, items have been tested for skin and eye discomfort on animals like rabbits, mice, and guinea pigs. The source of ingredients, such as the use of collagen and keratin obtained from animals, also contributes to animal abuse. People are making efforts to lessen the industry’s impact on animals and switching to cruelty-free procedures and substitute testing techniques.



Is Briogeo Sulfate Free?

Yes, Sulfate-free haircare products are a specialty of Briogeo. Sulfates are typical cleaning ingredients in many shampoos. But some people prefer sulfate-free solutions since they tend to be softer and less prone to strip the hair of its natural oils. This is beneficial for you if you have sensitive scalps or curly hair.

Can Kids Use Briogeo Products?

For different hair types and demands, Briogeo provides a variety of hair care items, including those made specifically for young people. They offer a range of products named “Be Gentle, Be Kind,” designed especially for children. These products are made with fragile children’s hair and scalp in mind.

Where Are Briogeo Products Made?

The majority of Briogeo’s goods were made in the United States. Many of the brand’s formulas are developed and manufactured domestically, and it has made a point of employing high-quality, ethically sourced components in all of its products.

Concluding Lines

So is Briogeo cruelty free? Briogeo’s focus on cruelty-free procedures is noteworthy and in line with the rising desire for products that are moral and compassionate. Even if the company has received recognition for its cruelty-free methods, it’s still crucial to keep up with the most recent rules and procedures because businesses’ reputations can change over time. 

To be sure that their purchases are in line with their principles, customers looking for cruelty-free goods can consult reputable sources, certificates, and open communication with Briogeo. The cruelty-free movement continues to be a big and admirable part of Briogeo’s brand identification. It’s amazing that the cosmetics industry is now shifting towards a more moral and ethical approach to stop animal abuse.


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