How Long Does a Liquid Rhinoplasty Last?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is growing in popularity. The operation typically falls under the category of plastic surgery. According to estimates, the market for rhinoplasty was worth $6.2 billion in 2020. The market will expand at an anticipated 6.5% annual rate between 2021 and 2028.

If a patient wants to have rhinoplasty, various procedures can be used. Mainly, the traditional treatment involves incisions, which are considered invasive.

Many people use liquid rhinoplasty to lessen the invasiveness and get great results. I’ll make it easier for you to understand liquid rhinoplasty. I’ll also respond to a long-asked concern about the durability of liquid rhinoplasty. These will enable you to determine if liquid rhinoplasty is a viable option for you.

Liquid Rhinoplasty is What?

If you want to change the size and shape of your nose without surgery, consider a liquid rhinoplasty. A plastic surgeon can repair unsightly bumps, restore a droopy nasal tip, and change the shape of the nose using strategic dermal filler injections using fillers like Restylane®, Juvederm®, and Radiesse®.

Everything You Need To Know About Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty from Liquid Nose Jobs

One of the most crucial things that individuals should understand about liquid nose jobs is that they serve to alter their appearance. Using liquid rhinoplasty, you can fix particular issues with your nose. Several instances include:

  • Issues with your nose’s asymmetry
  • Drooling nasal tip that points downward

Dorsal hump

It uses a Substance That Reeks of Gel.

A gel-like substance is used during the treatment to make the necessary adjustments based on your demands. The filler that is presently most frequently utilized is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid was the subject of specific studies that examined its efficacy and security as a filler.

In comparison to more traditional liquids used in plastic surgery, several of this research indicates that this is one of the safer options. The gel itself has no significant adverse effects or problems. Before you start requesting information on “how long does a liquid rhinoplasty last,” let’s look at some other facts.

Temporary Rhinoplasty

You should be aware that liquid rhinoplasty is not a long-term fix, despite being effective and secure. Only a few years will pass before you see the results of this operation. As soon as the effects disappear, it would help if you underwent the procedure.

It would be ideal if you knew exactly what to anticipate from the treatment. You will be awake when having a liquid rhinoplasty on your nose, unlike surgical nose jobs.

It’s an Easy Process

The procedure begins with the surgeon requesting you to sit or lie down. The surgeon then scrubs your nose thoroughly. 70% of the fluid includes alcohol, which aids in clearing your nose of debris and bacteria.

The next step is to numb the area to lessen the likelihood that the process may be painful. The place where the injection will be given will often be dampened by the surgeon using a numbing lotion. In cases where the filler contains a built-in local anesthetic, the surgeon will probably proceed using the numbing cream.

Once you’re at ease, the surgeon uses tiny injections of the filler to contour the areas you wish. To avoid negative consequences, the surgeon administers small quantities at a time. Furthermore, it makes it practical and prevents you from wondering how long liquid rhinoplasty lasts.

Your nose will be smoothed after the surgeon has injected all the filler into it. It makes it more likely that you won’t get bumps after the treatment.

It’s a Speedy Job

Traditional options take far longer than liquid nose jobs. The average session lasts roughly 15 minutes, according to most participants. The appointment may occasionally go a little longer.

It is typically the case if the surgeon does not utilize the filler that comes with its local anesthetic. If so, you will need to wait until the numbing cream has had time to start working for roughly 15 minutes before the doctor injects the hyaluronic acid.

Liquid rhinoplasty is the quickest recovery period regarding how long it takes to recover from a nose job. How long does it take for a nose job to heal? Redness and sensitivity typically disappear within one to two days.

What distinguishes it from a conventional nose job?

Surgical intervention is vital for conventional nose jobs. The patient’s needs are first discussed with the surgeon at the beginning of the process. The surgeon might also provide some suggestions based on the patient’s nose structure. The patient’s nose will then be marked, and the surgeon will use these marks as a guide when the treatment is about to begin.

The surgeon typically makes an incision near the base of the nose, typically in the space between the two nostrils. To alter the structure of the nose, the doctor may implant or remove tissue from this point. The surgeon uses stitches to close the incision after the procedure. The patient’s nose is covered with a piece of gauze.

These conventional treatments are occasionally utilized to address other medical issues. Structures inside the patient’s nose are frequently changed during these procedures. Here, the main objective is internal nose restructuring rather than external nose modification. Surgeons may occasionally adjust the cartilage or bone tissue. It is the case when the patient wants to make more significant changes to the slope or shape of their nose

On the other hand, Liquid rhinoplasty involves modifying the nose’s shape without creating an incision. Instead, the surgeon injects a liquid into the nose using a needle. Hyaluronic acid typically makes up this liquid. This liquid may be referred to as a “filler” by some surgeons. The surgeon carefully places the filler injections where the nose’s look needs to be altered

What Non-Surgical Filler Based on Hyaluronic Acid Produces the Best Results for Rhinoplasty?

To perform liquid rhinoplasty, surgeons employ a wide range of fillers. It’s crucial to familiarize oneself with your alternatives. You will better understand which fillers will benefit your case from doing so.

One of the most popular filler kinds used by surgeons for these procedures is hyaluronic acid.

It appears that two particular hyaluronic acid fillers are more popular. These include Radiesse and Voluma. Both of these fillers are very effective and offer results that last longer.

Popular choices include Restylane and Juvederm, both of which provide extended wear. It is brought on by the two hyaluronic acid-based fillers’ improved durability

When is a Non-Surgical Nose Job a Good Idea?

When is a Non-Surgical Nose Job a Good Idea

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While non-surgical nose jobs are fantastic for people who are afraid of surgery, there are several procedures in which they may not be your best choice. When choosing the type of nose job, you should determine your demands and expectations.

A person may get rhinoplasty for medical reasons occasionally. It might apply if your nostrils are too closed, preventing airflow. In this situation, rhinoplasty might concentrate on enlarging the nostrils to improve airflow through the nose.

A non-surgical approach will not be helpful if you have a medical need for rhinoplasty. If you considered surgical procedures as a remedy, that might be beneficial.

You can think about liquid rhinoplasty if you want to change the appearance of your nose. For instance, the technique can assist in leveling out blemishes on your nose.


To avoid surgery, liquid rhinoplasty has grown to be a popular option. There are benefits and drawbacks to every technique. For instance, you might see results immediately, but you’ll need regular treatments to keep up your new appearance.

However, liquid rhinoplasty is generally a secure and effective non-surgical replacement for traditional rhinoplasty.

Make sure the surgeon you choose to conduct the treatment is board qualified. They can assist in making sure you get favorable results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Can Your Nose Get Smaller Through Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Your nose gains volume when a surgeon injects filler into it. As a result, when having liquid rhinoplasty, you often cannot lower the size of your nose.

Do liquid nose jobs merit the cost?

A liquid nose job effectively makes minor adjustments to your nose’s look. Doctors can employ filler to make a nose look straighter or to minimize the appearance of a dorsal hump.

What possible negative consequences could a liquid rhinoplasty surgery have?

Skin necrosis resulting from an improper intravascular injection is a serious and unusual consequence of liquid rhinoplasties. Asymmetry and nodular development are less severe adverse effects.

How much does a liquid rhinoplasty treatment cost on average?

A liquid rhinoplasty injection typically costs between $1,000 and $2,000. Due to the requirement for continuous maintenance procedures, this will be an ongoing expense. Check out our comprehensive guide to rhinoplasty costs for additional information.

Is liquid Rhinoplasty Safe?

The method of liquid rhinoplasty is highly safe. A recent study from the UK looked at over 5000 patients and found that only 0.1% had significant complications (skin compromise). There can be a small amount of edema at the injection site, but it usually goes down in two to three days.


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