Are Nutri-grain Bars Healthy Breakfast Bar? Know The Details

Do you wake up early in the morning thinking of the hectic day ahead of you and prefer having some snack bars as a quick dose of energy? You are not the only one to like this. Many of us start our day by eating some snack bars for a short amount. These days Nutri-grain bars are the most popular ones.

Some people pick random snack bars without knowing their nutritional value. Don’t go onto the labels; they always say they are healthy to eat, but unfortunately, not all of them are. So if you are a snack bar lover, you might wonder, are Nutri-grain bars healthy?

This article covers all the points you need to know before deciding how healthy Nutri-grain bars are for you.

Nutri-Grain bar’s ingredients list

Like other bars, Nutri-grain bars have both good and bad ingredients in them. These bars are rich in nutrients but, on the other hand, also have some additives and preservatives that are not healthy to eat. Here are some of the main ingredients present in Nutri-grain bars

  • Sugar
  • Molasses
  • Cereals (Oatmeal, wheat flour, maize flour)
  • Oat fiber
  • Salt
  • Wheat protein
  • Malt dextrin
  • Vegetable gum
  • Natural flavors
  • Potassium bicarbonate (Raising agents)
  • Barley malt extract
  • Natural color (paprika and turmeric)
  • Minerals (Iron, Zinc oxide, and calcium carbonate)
  • Vitamins (Niacin, folate, and B6 riboflavin)

All of these ingredients are present in the Nutri-grain bars. Besides, the Nutri-grain bars are high in calories. About 100 grams of Kellogg’s nutria-grain bar contains 324 calories in total. That’s a lot.

Are Nutri-grain bars healthy?

The straightforward answer to this question will be NO. Nutri-grain bars are not that healthy. Cereal bars have many nutrient boosters like whole grains and proteins but still, have several nutritional limits. Nutri bars have some protein and grains in them to keep you satiated for more extended periods. But that won’t happen as the amount of fiber and protein is very low in these bars.

Another major primary concern is the hidden sugar present in Nutri- grain bars. The low level of fiber and protein while high levels of sugar make the nutria-grain bars poorly formulated snack bars.

But if you want to make its comparison with a candy bar, then it’s a better option. But as they both aren’t healthy, making their comparison is meaningless. Consuming such bars means loading your body with added sugar.

Keep reading the article to get all the vital information about Nutri-grain bars.

Are Nutri-grain bars healthy for kids?

Kellogg’s has made the newest edition to their wide variety of snack bars Nutri-grain Kids. They claim that these bars are specially formulated for kids to give them energy with a taste they will cherish. But again, the taste will not be an issue with the high amount of sugar. Kids always love sugary bars.

To consider these bars a healthy option for kids, all focus should be on the bars. Unfortunately, Nutri-grain kids don’t meet the nutritional standard to call it a healthy snack for kids. One serving has 8 grams of whole grains and fruit filling. Most of the filling is not the fruit.

After consuming these cereal bars, the kids will feel energized for a short while, and it will not last long. Neither this bar will provide any nutritional value.


  • Short-term energy boost

Possible short-term side effects

  • Bloating
  • Raise in blood glucose levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Possible allergic reactions to wheat, gluten, soy, food coloring, and hexane
  • Abdominal pain

Possible long-term side effects

  • Weight gain
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Weak immune system
  • Heart diseases
  • Infertility
  • Learning impairment
  • Gastrointestinal complications like bleeding and ulcers
  • Irritability
  • Hyperactivity
  • Aggressiveness

Is Nutri-grains vegan?

Some think Nutri-grain bars have whole grains, so they are vegan. Yes, to some extent, but they are not a proper vegetarian meal. It is because of many reasons. Firstly the whole grains used are refined, so they aren’t fully vegan. Secondly, there are many other ingredients except entire grains.

The main ingredient that doesn’t make it vegan is the presence of Whey protein which is a dairy-based protein ingredient. So nutria grains bars are suitable for vegans but not completely vegan.

Are nutria-grain bars rich in protein?

Generally nutria- grain bars have only 2 grams of protein in one bar. It is deficient in amount compared to the protein bars that have 20 grams per bar. Most of the calories in Nutri-grain bars are carbs, and the second is fat. Nutri-grain bars don’t have any ingredient that is a good source of proteins.


Ultimately, I would say that everything has its good and bad characteristics. Nothing is suitable as a whole, nor is it horrible. It is totally up to you to deal with your eating habits. The same goes for the question, Are Nutri-Grain bars healthy?

It will depend on you to wisely extract the nutrients from these bars. Now you may be wondering how to eat it wisely. Well, know about your daily calorie requirement and eat by it. Try enjoying everything in a limited amount, and you will get the chance to eat according to your cravings without the fear of putting on fat. That is how healthy and wise people are eating these days.

FAQs about Are Nutri-grain Bars Healthy?

Is Nutri- Grain good for you?

Nutri-Grain bar is marketed as a protein-rich breakfast, whereas the grain doesn’t have a high protein amount. It has a high sugar amount but with low protein and fiber. That makes it not a healthy option.

Are Nutri-Grain bars suitable for people with diabetes?

No! These bars have a high amount of sugar that is not only linked to diabetes but also the development of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. If you want to eat it, keep the limit. Otherwise, avoiding it will be the healthiest option for you.

Is a nutria-grain bar good for weight loss?

Nutrigrain bars are not the ideal option for weight loss, as each of these bars has a high amount of sugar with low protein and fiber amounts. Eating bars that are high in protein and fiber amount will be beneficial for weight loss. But Nutri-grain bars are still not an option.

Which is the healthiest breakfast bar?

Homemade oatmeal bars and granola bars are healthy breakfast options. As they are homemade, they will be free of preservatives. Besides, you have the opportunity to control your sugar levels, which will make it the healthiest option. Oatmeal bars are low in calories and high in protein. They will not only fulfill your cravings but will make you feel full for extended periods.


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