30-Minute Treadmill Workouts – De-Calorize Yourself

When we talk about fitness and weight loss, HIIT is the most preferred exercise routine. It’s especially beneficial when trying a 30-minute treadmill workout at home. Besides, the 30-minute treadmill workouts can save you time and has better results.

You can mix them with weight-lifting workout routines in giant sets, super sets, or any other sets you prefer. The concept of high-intensity interval training is the same. Targeting maximum potential for shorter intervals and giving proper rest periods to the body for recovery.

Most of you must have many questions about HIIT and 30-minute treadmill workouts; then, let’s start by answering some basic questions.

Benefits of a 30-minute treadmill workout

Before discussing the physical benefits, let’s first discuss the 30-minute treadmill workouts’ mental and other health benefits. Here are the three significant benefits of doing cardio exercises regularly.

1. Boost mood and energy

According to the research, 30-minute treadmill workouts have more mental health benefits than calorie-burning benefits. Other cardiovascular activities like running and walking on a treadmill reduce depression and anxiety. Science explains that it can be due to increased blood circulation toward the brain.

2. Reduction in Heart diseases

Running and walking on a treadmill, along with some other exercises, can raise the good cholesterol in the body. It also improves overall blood circulation, which reduces the heart diseases chances. The researchers also found in a meta-analysis study that people who walk for 30 minutes five days per week have 19% lower chances of getting heart disease.

3. Boosts your immunity

According to the research, treadmill exercises like running and walking can improve the immune cells’ blood circulation. It makes them roam around your body at a higher rate and increase in numbers.

These exercises benefit the immune system cells, the natural protectors that find the antigens and destroy them. It doesn’t mean that exercise will never make you sick, but it will protect you from many common issues like the flu and the common cold.

4. Burn Calories

If you talk about the calories burned in a 30-minute treadmill workout, it will depend on the intensity, distance, and time. But if two persons follow the same time and intensity, the heavier person will burn more calories than the slim one.

The Harvard Health research bears this out. When walking on a treadmill with a 3.5MPH, a 125-pound person burns 107 calories, whereas a 155-pound person will burn 133 calories in 30 minutes.

In the case of jogging, a 125-pound person will burn 180 calories, and a 155 pound will burn 216 calories. That clears it all has a role in weight loss.

Best 30 minutes treadmill workouts

Best 30 minutes treadmill workouts

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Most people think about something other than maximizing their workouts when we talk about running on the treadmill. Like other fitness workouts, you will get results according to your efforts. Once you have stepped on the treadmill, it will be time to fix your fitness goals and work hard to achieve them.

These basic treadmill workout formats are vital to get the results. It helps you to get leaner, stronger, and faster by incorporating these four treadmill workouts into the regular strength programs.


You can change these workouts by transforming them into longer or shorter periods. You can add hill repeats or intervals according to your comfort zone. Here is a sample week for cardio treadmill workouts:

Monday Intervals
Wednesday Tempo
Friday Hills
Saturday Endurance

30 minutes hill workout

Running the hills is one of the most powerful ways to maximize the treadmill workout. It burns calories, improves your form and efficiency, and strengthens your entire body. Run at a 7% incline to get the maximum benefits.

10 minutes warm-up

5×2 minute hills

5 minutes cool down

30-minute interval workout

It is a HIIT workout. It has much shorter intervals than the tempo workout, so it should be done with high intensity. For the recovery period, you can slowly walk or jog.

10 minutes walk and light jog

8×1 minutes of hard intervals with 1 minute of recovery

5 minutes cool down

30-minute tempo workout

A tempo workout has three main parts: A warm-up section, the tempo part, and the cool-down. The main focus is running in the middle area at a comfortable and hard pace. It’s a little challenging workout to do.

10 minutes light jog (warm-up)

10 minutes tempo with an intensity of 7 on a scale of 10

10 minutes cool down

30 minutes endurance workout

Though it has been devalued recently, many people still believe in slow and steady treadmill run efficiency. This workout forces the body to increase the number of capillaries and also the mitochondria count and size. It also builds the endurance of the body.

30 minutes endurance workout also works as the auto-recovery of the more challenging session like an interval workout.

3 minutes body warm-up

25 minutes steady and easy aerobic pace workout

Tips to improve your daily workouts

As we are discussing interval workouts, some essential things about it are: Your setting is different around the workout session. You are not necessarily trying for a specific speed but an activity with a certain intensity level.

At the initial stage of the workout, you are energetic and do it a lot faster. But with the progression of the session, your speed slows down, or you may lower the pace of the treadmill to keep going. That’s fine, and it happens with everybody.

The most important thing is your safety. Don’t be the slave of the settings. Adjust the settings according to your comfort level of the body. With time, you will slowly understand the speed and inclines.

Be bold and push higher and a little more complicated than you think. If you are not comfortable you can adjust it at any time.


Let’s get it straight you only have a little time to get your cardio workout in. As a writer and trainer, I only have a little time for these dull, long, steady-state cardio workouts. But a 30-minute treadmill workout is something we all can do.

When it comes to short, a machine-based cardiovascular training treadmill can be a great option. We can adjust the duration, speed, and incline according to our will while listening to our favorite workout song. The HIIT workout helps you sweat a lot and burn many calories.


Are 30 minutes on the treadmill good?

Yes, a 30 minutes cardio session on a treadmill benefits health. Even the treadmill’s 10 minutes of daily cardio workout provides many health benefits. If you want to prevent boredom, try changing the movement’s pace, incline, speed, and intensity.

How many calories do you burn on a treadmill in 30 minutes workout?

According to a report in Harvard Health, when you are jogging on a 6MPH on the treadmill, a 125-pound person will burn 180 calories. In the case of a 155-pound person, you will burn 216 calories, and for 185 pounds, there will be 252 calories.

Is walking 30 minutes on a treadmill per day healthy?

Yes, the 30-minute walk on a treadmill benefits your overall health and fitness. But doing it daily can make it dull, so it is better to mix things up to get maximum benefits.

What is a 30-minute treadmill workout?

The 30 minutes treadmill workouts have become a trend in this era. It involves different exercises and routines on a treadmill. You can mix cardio conditioning and strength training in it as well.








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