How Topamax Ruined My Life: Real-Life Stories & Precautions

Topamax, commonly known as an anticonvulsant, was first given FDA approval as a seizure medication. Both adults and kids who are at least two years old can get seizures treated with topiramate. It worked well for many and brought misery to a good amount of patients as well. 

“Topamax ruined my life” is a statement that carries the trauma of many Topamax victims who wanted to get relief, but unfortunately, this medicine only added more pain to their lives.

Topamax’s adverse side effects are challenging to manage for many people. Victims of Topamax stated that they had gone through terrible mental and physical agony. These painful experiences include things like memory and cognitive problems, mood swings, changes in appetite, and sensory phenomena like tingling. In the worst case scenario, Topamax can cause vision problems and kidney stones, which can ruin your normal flow of life.

This article will shed light on the sufferings of Topamax users and will also focus on aspects like how this medicine works and ways to safely stop it. My readers will get in-depth knowledge regarding the side effects and other people’s sufferings due to taking Topamax to make the final decision whether to go forward and take this medication or not.

Topamax Ruined My Life

Topamax ruined my life is actually a painful expression expressed by the victims of this medicine. Let’s have a detailed look at what this medicine is, how it actually works, and what caused patients to say, “Topamax ruined my life”: 

What Is Topamax?

Topamax is a medication that specialists recommend to assist with treating various types of medical problems. It’s also known as Topiramate. It mostly treats seizures, which resemble abrupt bursts of electrical activity in the brain and improves dreadful migraines that can make you feel quite annoyed.

How Topamax Functions?

Topamax works by quieting down the extra electrical action in the mind that can cause seizures. For headaches, it assists with making your mind less delicate to things that trigger those difficult cerebral pains. It comes as pills that you swallow, and you take them as coordinated by your PCP.

Topamax functions as a supportive companion for your brain. Think of the brain as a vast system of tiny electrical connections. These connections may occasionally become overexcited and begin to emit an excessive amount of electrical impulses. Things like seizures or excruciating headaches like migraines may result from this.

Topamax enters at this point and says, “Hey there, let’s calm things down!” It accomplishes this by decreasing the rate at which those electrical signals go through your brain. This lessens the likelihood of those jarring electrical surges that might result in seizures. Making your brain less vulnerable to things that can cause those excruciating headaches for migraine sufferers.

It controls the flow of energy in a way that maintains efficiency and prevents erratic spikes that can lead to issues. 

Topamax is typically taken orally as a tablet. After you take it, your body absorbs it, and it then makes its way to your brain. It’s comparable to sending the medication’s effect directly to the spot where all of the electrical activity is occurring. Once there, it helps your brain remain more stable and less prone to seizures or severe headaches.

Like any medicine, Topamax has potential side effects or consequences that may not be acceptable to you, even if it can be useful for many individuals. Some people may have side effects that threaten their quality of life. Although many individuals handle Topamax well, not everyone will have a good relationship with these side effects. It’s wise to be informed of any potential drawbacks before taking this medicine.

People who claim that Topamax ruined my life may express the following complaints as the most common:

After Effects

While using Topamax, some people experience unwanted side effects. These include problems like feeling fatigued, groggy-eyed or having trouble concentrating.

Additionally, people experience uncomfortable trembling in their hands or feet. Trembling or shaky hands and feet make one unable to function normally. Acts like walking to the washroom or holding a glass of water become difficult tasks.

Memory And Cognitive

For some people, using Topamax might cause memory and cognitive problems. This could make it more difficult to clearly remember things or think. Your daily activities and fitness regimen may be impacted by this.

It is indeed a scary event that can cause life long trauma. People who experienced it because of Topamax get petrified to use this medicine again. They carry this fear for a long period of time.

Alterations in Temperament 

Topamax occasionally causes mental state alterations. While using the medication, some people experience increased restlessness, discouragement, or irritability. These changes can ruin your day and ability to conduct normal activities.

You will be uncomfortable attending work or simply hanging out with friends and family. This makes the users isolate themselves, too, due to their inability to socialize.

Reduced Cravings and Weight Loss

While for some people, this could seem like something to be grateful for, it might get complicated if it leads to unneeded weight loss or a bad relationship with food. You can lose weight and end up seeking assistance in regaining a healthy weight.

This unhealthy food pattern invites other health issues like gastric or acid reflux. If you experience this, then don’t hesitate to take immediate action to better your appetite and get back to normal eating routine.

Effects on Speaking Ability

Topamax causes problems with language and conversation. Some people can struggle to find the correct words to use or to explain themselves clearly. This may be discouraging and have an impact on correspondence.

It highly impacts one’s professional and personal life. Some people even got severe panic attacks due to their inability to speak in a normal manner. 

Child Birth Problems

If Topamax is taken while pregnant, there is a chance of birth deformities, including cleft lip and palate. So, it can be dangerous for the child and also ruin the chances of having a normal life.

This issue created a huge controversy. The FDA issued a warning to moms in 2011 on the risky birth abnormalities that this medication might induce in babies. Lawsuits were filed against the makers by the sufferers whose babies were affected by this medicine.

Kidney Stones

While using Topamax, there is a slight chance of developing kidney stones. Kidney stones can be excruciatingly painful, and it can lead to more problems related to kidneys.

It is alarming how far the damage caused by migraine medicine can go. People generally start getting pain on the back side or in the lower abdomen. When they check with physicians, they get to know they have stones in their kidneys.

Vision Problems

Modifications in vision, such as double or distorted vision, are side effects of Topamax symptoms. This may affect your ability to focus and complete tasks and make you feel scared at the same time.

Vision changes get better with time, but initially, people struggle to cope with these unwelcoming changes in their life.

How Topamax Ruined My Life? Life Stories And Case Studies

Precious reader, if you are here to investigate Topamax before taking it, then you are really a lucky one. Many people didn’t even know Topamax could lead them to the darkest valley of their lives. They simply trusted their doctor’s expertise and started taking this medicine.

After a while, they understood what trouble they got themselves into. “Topamax ruined my life.” This statement got me thinking a lot, and I looked for study reports and stories shared by Topamax users so that I can alert my readers to refrain from using this medicine unless it’s the only option left to treat their health.

Here are some saddening tales of Topamax warriors who are fighting their way back to a new normal life:

Case of Memory Loss

According to a case study done by NCBI, in September 2018, a right-handed 25-year-old lady with just a substantial history of migraines underwent testing by a neurologist. Topiramate ER 100 mg was prescribed to her daily as a migraine preventative. 

She began having amnesia attacks in October that lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Retrogradely, the duration of her amnesia ranged from six months to six years. She was well aware of what had happened and was deeply upset.

In 2019, she slowly started to stop taking Topamax under the Doctor’s supervision. One day, following the last dosage of topiramate, she experienced her last amnestic attack. This attack lasted for around 45 minutes and caused her to lose her memory going back 3.5 years. After that, she was totally liberated from the amnestic spells.

Case of Language Difficulty and Confusion

A 21-year-old girl who had been previously diagnosed with recurrent migraines and neurocardiogenic syncope started speaking like a baby during a follow-up appointment. She was unable to recall any specifics of the occurrence or any portion of the episode after that. Her boyfriend confirmed she did it before as well when she gets nervous. Her father confirmed she had no such issues until she started taking Topamax for migraine. 

Topiramate was initially given at a dose of 100 mg twice a day, which was progressively raised to 100 mg in the morning and 150 mg in the evening. The frequency of the episodes of her child, like talking, also increased with the dose. Once she stopped taking this medicine, she also stopped talking like a child.

Case of Severe Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

A young girl who was already suffering from OCD was prescribed Topamax for her migraine. Unfortunately, it made her OCD, sadness, and anxiety crippling to the point that she felt totally alone in the world. During that phase, she became suicidal as well. 

She went through withdrawals as soon as she stopped using the medicine. Her physical and mental health were deteriorating. During this period, she was also unable to eat or sleep and was disturbed by intrusive nightmares. However, she recovered from this but is still haunted by that traumatic time of her life due to taking Topamax.

Topamax Ruined My Marriage: A Heart-Wrenching Saga

A lady from Texas sued the producers of Topamax in 2010, claiming that the medication made her angry and delusional and caused the breakdown of her 18-year marriage.

Topamax has severe effects on mood, and it can lead you to a state of depression that you never experienced. It affects your entire lifestyle, including your relationships. Your relationship with your partner is the most beautiful yet delicate one. Partners need equal give and take in a relationship and need to nurture it with utmost love and respect.

Unfortunately, in some cases, Topamax may cause manic episodes, which led to the breaking up of beautiful marriages. Topamax made the user so hostile that it caused serious fights between partners. A user’s husband said, “My wife became aggressive since she started taking Topamax, and it’s causing troubles in our marriage.”

Topamax triggers suicidal thoughts and makes life a living hell for many. A Missouri woman filed a lawsuit in 2011, alleging that the producers of Topamax failed to warn her about the possible adverse effects of the medication. As a result, she ended up having suicidal thoughts, which ultimately caused the breakdown of her marriage.

Ways to Save Your Marriage While Facing Side Effects of Topamax:

  • Try to understand that your partner has weird behaviors because of the medicine they are taking by observing the changes occurring in their physical and mental state.
  • If you are the affected one and in a state of understanding that your depression is out of your control, then speak openly to your partner. Letting your partner know about your condition will help you to get support to cope with this terrible situation.
  • Go for marriage counseling together and take steps to come out of that dark place.
  • If your partner doesn’t support you in such a difficult phase, it can worsen your condition. Try to get professional help in such a painful scenario.

What Is The Relation Between Topamax and Female Hormone?

Topamax (topiramate) has the possibility to have an impact on the estrogen hormone. The primary female sex hormone, estrogen, is important for the menstrual cycle and other aspects of reproductive health. Some women’s estrogen levels may be affected by Topamax, which might alter their menstrual cycles.

When using Topamax, some women may develop irregular menstrual cycles or other alterations to their menstrual cycle pattern. Additionally, it’s likely that some people’s moods and emotions may be affected by the hormonal changes brought on by Topamax.

According to studies, persons with seizure disorders who use seizure medicines for a long length of time may experience irregular periods and problems getting pregnant. If you use topiramate together with estrogen-containing birth control pills, they won’t work effectively. Use a second method of birth control in addition to your birth control pill to prevent pregnancy.

These impacts won’t necessarily be felt by all women, though. Depending on the individual, Topamax may have different effects on hormones.

What Is The Connection Between Topamax And Weight Loss?

Topamax is a medicine that’s like a helper for people who have seizures or really bad headaches called migraines. But there’s something interesting that some people noticed while using Topamax – it can sometimes make them lose weight.

Imagine how some individuals work out or follow diets to reduce weight. Topamax, though, might have a comparable impact on their bodies. They could eat less than normal since it can make them feel less hungry. Additionally, if an individual eats less, their body starts to burn the extra fat they’ve stored, which is when people start to notice they are losing weight.

However,  not everyone who takes Topamax will instantly lose weight. Because every one of our bodies is unique, what occurs in one person may not occur in another. And if someone does lose weight, it’s not due to magic; rather, it happens because their body is reacting in this way to the medication. 

Topamax Withdrawal Symptoms

Let’s say Topamax has been your friend for a long, helping you control conditions like seizures or excruciating migraines. However, if you and your doctor decide it’s time to stop taking Topamax, you might go through a process known as “withdrawal.”

Withdrawal feels similar to your body becoming accustomed to not having Topamax provided. You see, after taking medication for a long time, your body becomes habituated to it. As a result, your body may respond in ways you didn’t anticipate when you suddenly stop taking it.

These are the common withdrawal symptoms of Topamax:

  • Headaches
  • Mood swings (such as feeling agitated, nervous, or depressed)
  • Changes in sleep habits or difficulty falling asleep
  • Unsteadiness or faintness
  • Nausea or abdominal discomfort
  • Sensitivity to sound or light
  • Alterations in appetite
  • Memory or concentration issues
  • Feelings of tingling in the hands or feet

What Is The Safest Way to Stop Taking Topamax?

Without first seeing your doctor, you shouldn’t stop taking Topamax abruptly on your own. They are aware of how to assist you in stopping it securely and without any issues. 

Therefore, if you wish to discontinue taking Topamax, talk to your doctor first before taking any action. They’ll advise you on how to approach it best.

If your doctor has determined that it’s time to quit, then do it gradually and safely. Let’s discuss how to carefully taper off  the medicine by following these steps: 

Your physician would probably advise progressively lowering the Topamax dosage over time. Experts refer to this as tapering. The process of tapering reduces the possibility of withdrawal symptoms or the ailment being treated returning. Tapering also assists your body in adjusting to the medication modifications.

Take note of the way your body is responding as you taper off. Inform your doctor right away if you have any strange symptoms or changes. They can aid in determining whether any specific treatment is required.

To fully taper off of Topamax, it can take a few weeks. Throughout this procedure, patience is key. Bear in mind that your body needs time to adapt to the changes.

Your body will be able to remove the drug from your system more quickly if you drink plenty of water. Additionally, maintaining hydration is beneficial for your general health. It’s typically a good idea to stay away from alcohol and any other substances that can interfere with the prescription while weaning off any medication, including Topamax.

Your body may adjust sooner with the help of a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and adequate rest. So, put more emphasis on living a balanced lifestyle.

That said, you must also read how Doxycycline ruined my life from here.

How to Flush Topamax Out of Your System?

Topamax does not exit your body quickly once you stop taking it. It takes a while to completely flush out of your body. Therefore, there is no secret method to make it disappear rapidly.

After making the decision to stop taking the medication, you must wait for your body to naturally eliminate it. Normally, this takes five days. The remaining Topamax in your body gradually disappears throughout this period on its own.

Short Term, Long Term, And Serious Side Effects

Some side effects of Topamax will disappear on their own, but some may halt the normal flow of your life: 

Short Term Side Effects

  • Your hands or feet can start to tingle.
  • Higher levels of fatigue than normal.
  • You might not feel as hungry as you typically do.
  • A feeling of impending vomiting is nausea.

Long Term Side Effects

  • Some individuals could become aware of their weight loss.
  • It could be more difficult to concentrate or recall information.
  • Foods may taste different than normal due to flavor changes.
  • You may experience changes in mood, such as increased anxiety or irritability.

Serious Side Effects

  • Abrupt and painful changes in the vision
  • Having difficulty understanding or speaking correctly
  • Rash, itching, swelling, acute dizziness, or breathing difficulties.
  • Sudden confusion, a quick pulse, and a high temperature.
  • You may have severe back or side discomfort if you have a kidney stone.
  • Libido Disorder
  • Orgasmic Disorder

It’s a gentle reminder for my readers not to ignore these side effects, especially the long-term and serious ones. If your condition worsens, just see your doctor and take steps according to his suggestion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Topamax Side Effects Get Better?

Yes, it does. After so many upsetting stories and pieces of information, here’s a ray of hope for my readers. The good news is that these adverse effects become better with time for many people.  You will start to feel better and experience fewer of these side effects as your body adjusts to the medicine.

However, if you have any adverse effects that don’t seem to go away, then let your doctor know about these symptoms to avoid any damaging effects in the long run. 

Does Topamax Lose Effectiveness Over Time?

After using Topamax for a while, it’s possible that it stops working for you. Well, it can happen when the body becomes accustomed to it. This diminishes the effectiveness of the medicine. You can feel like your health progress is going backward or symptoms are worse than before you started taking Topamax. In both cases, discussing with a doctor is the best option for you, dear reader.

Does Topamax Cause Serious Brain Damage?

One of the dangerous side effects of Topamax is that it causes memory loss. A thorough research needs to be done to better understand to what extent Topamax affects the human brain. It can be deadly for someone already having issues like dementia. Think twice before taking Topamax if you are already suffering from any sort of mental illness.

How Long Can You Stay on Topamax?

It depends on your health. Only your doctor can give you exact answers. However, generally, people who are suggested to take Topamax for migraine issues stop taking it after 6-12 months. Epilepsy patients need to take it for a longer period of time, even if their symptoms reduce over time.

Is Topamax Memory Loss Reversible?

Yes, it is reversible. Once you stop taking the medicine, your memory loss problem will resolve. Though initially, you will have to bear the painful withdrawal symptoms of Topamax, your memory loss problem will get better afterward.

Bottom Line

We as human beings fail to cherish good health unless we go through a phase where our health deteriorates. So, dear readers, please take good care of your health and always make sure you know all the details of the medicine you are taking and refrain from self-treating yourself.

Through this article on Topamax ruined my life, I tried to enlighten my readers that their pain is not unnoticed and just want to tell Topamax victims, “You are brave enough to fight this battle. For my readers who are considering taking these pills, I would say, “Please check with your doctors, and if you can avoid taking this pill, then do it for the sake of your greater benefit.”

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