How to Make Lime Water for Weight Loss?

Making a perfect glass of lime water for maintaining body weight is not a difficult job to perform. Drinking lime water provides numerous health benefits. It also helps those individuals who try to slim down. Remember, lime water does not provide the desired outcome if you do not combine it with a reduced-calorie diet and a proper exercise program. It is important to make a healthy diet chart to stick to your goal and reduce your extra calories.

Here in this article, you will learn how to make lime water for weight loss. Check the guide below.

Losing Body Weight with Lime Water

Water should always be your best option while you’re picking a drink to quench your thirst. In the event that drinking water is troublesome because you don’t like its taste, adding lime juice might assist you with drinking more. Also, drinking more water might assist you with shedding pounds by assisting you with feeling full.

If you look for information related to this on the Internet, you may get to know that citrus fruit items, such as limes, serve as a dieter’s dream food and helps in speeding up the metabolism level of the body. All this will automatically lead to weight loss. Though, as per the dietitian named Jaime Ackerman Foster, there is no such evidence that lime water can help you lose weight.

Lime water is extremely simple and easy to prepare. All you need to do is, pick up a few limes from your nearby grocery store. Wash them properly to remove all kinds of dirt, pesticides, and wax. Once you do it, the next job is to take a glass of water and squeeze a juice of around one to two limes. Avoid adding sugar or other additives as sugar is not good for health and weight loss.

How to make lime water for weight loss?

To prepare lime water, you first need to fill a glass with filtered water. After this, squeeze the juice properly from a piece of lime into the glass. If you are short on time and want to make the lime water quickly, fill a pitcher with fresh and filtered water. After this, squeeze in the juice of a whole lime in it. You can also add lime slices to the pitcher for more flavor.

Lime water does offer nourishing advantages to those following a reduced-calorie diet for weight reduction. A glass of lime water with the juice of one lime has just 11 calories. This refreshing drink is perfect for calorie counters.

Lime water is an excellent source of vitamin C, with the juice of one lime giving 22% of the day-to-day esteem. Not getting sufficient Vitamin C in your daily diet might influence your weight loss while working out. It plays a significant part in assisting your body with separating fat during exercise, and low levels of vitamin C might restrict your body’s capacity to break down fat while working out. As a water-solvent nutrient, you must get a day-to-day portion of Vitamin C to preserve adequate levels.

Benefits of Lime Water for Weight Loss

One must drink plenty of water to stay active and fresh. Water is extremely important for our bodies. It flushes out all the toxins from the body. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can help in preventing dehydration. It keeps the energy levels up and makes a person feel active throughout the day.

Here in this section, you will get to know about some of the advantages of drinking lime water. Check out the points below for detailed insight.

Improve Digestion

Drinking lime water helps in improving digestion in the body. Limes are acidic, and they assist saliva in breaking down food for better processing. Moreover, flavonoids in limes stimulate the secretion of digestive juices.

People who suffer from constipation must drink lime water. The acidity of limes can help in clearing the excretory structure and stimulate bowel movement.

Similarly, individuals who suffer from acid reflux or frequent heartburn must also drink lime water. Drinking one glass of warm water with around two teaspoons of lime juice can help in preventing reflux symptoms. Consider drinking it before 30 minutes of every meal for improved results.

Helps in Losing Body Weight

Losing surplus body weight is not a difficult job to perform. With a balanced diet and proper exercise, one can easily cut extra calories.

Drinking lime water can help people in managing their body weight. The amount of citric acids present in it helps in boosting metabolism. This amazing drink can help you burn more calories and store less fat.

Portion control and regular exercise are critical to losing surplus pounds and weight control. Consequently, go for at least 30 minutes of regular work out and make half of every meal vegetables and fruits.

Reduces Heart Problems

Limes are a great source of potassium and magnesium, which advance heart health. Potassium can normally bring down blood pressure and further develop blood circulation, which lessens your risk of coronary failure and stroke.

There is ongoing research on lime compounds called limonin that might have the option to diminish cholesterol levels. Hypertension, when joined with high cholesterol, can narrow blood vessels. They also raise heart failure, stroke, and coronary illness.

Fight with different Infections

Your risk of infection is higher during the flu and cold season. To remain healthy, drink lime water throughout the day.

The antioxidants and vitamin C present in limes can fortify your immune system and assist your body in fighting off contaminations like colds and seasonal infections. It might likewise shorten the duration of some illnesses.

Prevent Cancer

Drinking lime water can help in preventing cancer. Cancer is basically the uncontrolled expansion of abnormal cells. It can easily grow in different parts of the body, including the lungs, kidneys, and breasts.

Drinking lime water might lessen your risk of developing malignant growth and assist you with battling the disease. Lime water contains some amazing antioxidant properties that promote healthy cell growth and improve your body’s immune system.


Everyone wants to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To stay healthy and fit, it is important to consume the right type of food. Avoid eating food items that are rich in calories and fat. Similarly, sugar is also not good for the body. Consume sugar in the form of fresh fruits. There are numerous benefits of drinking lime water. It is great for losing surplus weight.

Consider drinking one glass of lime water before 30 minutes of your meal for better digestion of food. It improves metabolism and keeps the body active and fresh. This article contains a complete guide about how lime water help in reducing body weight along with its advantages. Check out the guide below for detailed knowledge and understanding.

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