How to Relieve Back Pain while Pregnant?

Do you have back pain during pregnancy? The good news is that your baby is growing, and that’s exactly what every mother wants. But still, it can be hard on your back. In this situation, you aren’t alone; maximum expecting moms experiences back pain at the start of their second trimester.

Back pain during pregnancy isn’t surprising, but it does deserve your attention. During pregnancy, you are gaining extra weight, your hormones relax your pelvis’s ligaments joints, your center of gravity changes, and all of that results in back pain.

The good news is that there are still many things you can how to relieve back pain while pregnant. Here are tips from some experts that will surely help:

Causes of Back pain in pregnant women

Generally, back pain in pregnancy happens when your pelvis meets your spine at the sacroiliac joint. There are several reasons for pregnancy pain during pregnancy, but here are some details of the possible reasons.

  • Weight gain

In a healthy pregnancy, women gain between 25 to 30 pounds. The spine has to sustain all this weight, resulting in lower back pain. Besides, the growing baby’s weight and uterus pressure on the blood vessels, pelvis nerves, and back.

  • Posture changes

Pregnancy results in the shifting of the center of gravity. It results in the unconscious change in the posture and the way you move. The posture change can result in back pain and strain.

  • Hormone changes

During pregnancy, to prepare for birth, the body releases an enzyme named “Relaxin” that allows the pelvic area’s ligaments to relax and joints to become loose. The same hormone can result in the loosening of the spin resulting in pain and instability.

  • Muscle Separation

As the uterus expands, the rectus abdomens muscles (two parallel muscle sheets) that follow from the rib cage to the pubic bone can get separated along the center seam. This separation can deteriorate your back pain.

  • Stress

During pregnancy, emotional stress can tense your back muscles, giving back spasms and back pain sensations. During the stressful period, you may find an increase in the back pain experience.

Best ways to relieve back pain while pregnant

Here are some fantastic ways that can alleviate your back pain while pregnant.

Practice Good Posture

When your baby grows in your belly, your center of gravity changes. To avoid the fall in a forwarding direction, the pregnant lady has to lean back, which strains the back muscles and results in back pain. Here are some main points of a good posture to keep in mind.

  • Stand up tall and straight
  • Keep your shoulder relaxed and backed
  • Hold high your chest
  • Don’t lock the knees

For the best support, use a wide stance while standing. If you must stand for long periods, rest your one foot on a low step stool and take frequent breaks.

Good posture also means sitting while being relaxed and with proper care. Place a pillow behind your back or choose a chair that can support your back.

Get the right gear

Get the right gear

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Wear low heels, not completely flat, and shoes with excellent arch support. Avoid high heels that can further shift the balance and misbalance you.

You might get benefit from the maternity support belt. Though there is limited research, some women find it compelling and beneficial.

Lift properly

While pregnant, you mustn’t bend on your back. If you are lifting even a small thing, make sure to squat down properly and lift with the leg. It’s vital to know whether you can reach out or not; asking for help is always a better option in such a case.

Sleep on your side

Sleep on your side while keeping one or both of your knees bent. Avoid sleeping on your back, and try to use a pregnancy support pillow for your abdomen, bent knee, or maybe your back.

Try heat, cold, or massage.

There is limited evidence available to prove the effectiveness of massage in pregnancy back pain. But many pregnant women have found relief by massage or with the application of an ice pack or heating pad on their back.

Daily physical activity

Regular activity can help make you strong and avoid back pain during pregnancy. After consulting with your health care provider, do gentle activities such as water exercise or walking. A physical therapist can assist you with exercises that best suit your condition.

You can do stretching exercises for back pain. Rest on your knees and hands, keeping your head in line with your back. Pull in your stomach, rounding your back. Hold your position still for several seconds, and then relax. Gradually work up to 10 repetitions, and then ask, and you can consult your health care provider for more stretching exercises.

Complementary therapies

According to the research, acupuncture can help in relieving back pain during pregnancy. This treatment might prove beneficial for some people; however, more research is needed.

If you are considering trying any complementary therapy, consult with your doctor. Tell them you are pregnant if you are going to an acupuncturist and chiropractor.

Parental Yoga

Parental Yoga

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Yoga is a flexibility and strength practice that is highly beneficial in relieving pain. Parental yoga is the ideal movement-based exercise for pregnant women whose muscles, nerves, or joints are hurting. Parental yoga prepares the body for the birth process, improves posture, and tones the overall physical body.

Deep breathing exercise in parental yoga overcomes your emotional stress with a deep and mindful breathing exercise. Yoga will also help relax your overall body’s muscles and get better sleep. During pregnancy, there is a constantly changing of hormones, and in such situations, yoga provides a grounding and focus.

Parental Massage

A professional parental massage therapist can be of great help when you have acute back pain. Parental massage benefits when back pain is due to the clenching of muscles that irritates nerves and sends pain signals to the brain. According to the research, regular parental massage has several benefits to get rid of your anxiety and depression.

The most famous and recommended method of parental massage is the Swedish massage. It’s gentle, soothing, and has long-term benefits. The smooth strokes in this massage method don’t affect your joint or push the fluid unhealthy.

Before having this massage, consult your health care provider and make sure you are getting it from a professional therapist. To lie comfortably on the massage table side position is ideal in pregnancy.


For pregnant women, swimming is the most recommended exercise as it takes off the pressure from the spine. You are weightless when you are in the water as gravity does not affect your body. Paddling in the water will decompress your wine and benefit in the toning of your legs, back, arms, and core muscles.

To stay afloat in the water deeply, breathing deeply will also help relax your body both physically and emotionally. In the next stage of your pregnancy, swimming will benefit your chest and back muscles. In case of a high-risk pregnancy, don’t go swimming before talking to your doctor.

When to consult your doctor?

If your back pain lasts more than two weeks or you have severe back pain, consult your doctor immediately. They might recommend you some medication like acetaminophen or maybe other treatment.

Remember that back pain in pregnancy can signify urinary tract infection or preterm labor. If you have back pain with other symptoms like fever, burning while urination, or vaginal bleeding, contact your doctor immediately. Back pain alone is generally not a reason to worry, but if you have any of the following symptoms, don’t delay visiting your doctor.

  • Rhythmic cramping pains
  • Severe pain
  • Difficulty or burning during urination.
  • Extreme and sudden pain

In some cases, back pain can relate to pregnancy-related problems like septic arthritis, vertebral osteoarthritis, or osteoporosis. Rhythmic pains can be an indication of preterm labor. So in case of any of such symptoms contacting your doctor is the best way to avoid future complications.


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